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"Search" animation...

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After playing Sniper Elite / Sniper EliteV2 -- I really like how they have a "search" animation... where the player kneels down to search a corpse. If you are prone you play a different search animation... it adds more realism I think... rather than having an NPC drop what he's carrying-- except the primary weapon (not grenades) does get dropped. Grenades, ammo, etc. are taken off corpse.


They also have a "carry corpse" animation (over-shoulder style) where you can hide the body-- for those missions where you have to remain stealthily hidden... and you have patrolling guards.


I think these features would be nice to have.

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Would be awesome. Seems like a lot of work though. You'd have to code in a loot system, where the NPC's are carrying those items. I'm all for it, but we are still a very small team. If someone wants to volunteer this function, go for it.

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fwiw, there's a debug command that lets you drag NPCs around by their arm. Could probably apply that to dead bodies, but it likely wouldn't affect gameplay.


I know it's been almost a year but... do you know the name of that debug command?

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