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Need some orchestral music?


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I have been itching to put my new set up to good use. I'd like to compose something in the SW style but need a theme to go off of. I would like to try composing background music for one of your maps?


Preferably not Dantooine as it already has it's own themes and that would clutter my mind. I'm thinking of Ord Mantell or Anarmar (love the ambiance of that map). I might start in this next week, and if you like it you are welcome to it.




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Wow, that's most unexpected. And thanks for offering help with music. Yes, there are levels which use their respected themes, though we try not to be too obsessed with adding the music, which gives a familiar sound in certain locations.


Speaking of SW themes in the possible song for a level, I like the idea. We have a few planets, which are creations of our own. Anarmar is indeed one of them, but it's more cosmopolitan-like city. But we also have Tuak'Khan and Shiib, two planets, that I haven't posted here yet (but planning to do that), so I could show you some pictures and more about them.


We also have cantinas, most of the planets have them (including Anarmar, Sulon, Dvorn and on some other planets, which are not yet revealed). Perhaps that would be interested to you as well.


In case you are interested, I could send you a PM with all necessary info. And usually I provide as much info as possible, so that a person could work the best way, understanding the whole idea and even more.

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DAW is rarely a limitation in collaboration - I use entirely free plugins and samples, too. Reaper is a free-til-you-buy it program, that is constantly being revised by the developers and has a great customer -> developer interaction.


It's real easy to use, I came to it from Logic and it was fairly seamless. It's routing is fantastic. If you are interested in collaborating on anything, I can definitely walk you through setting it up!


By the way, I'm not saying I am going to be using Reaper free forever, by mentioning it it free-til-you-buy it. I haven't bought it yet but when I'm a bit more financially stable I will definitely be doing it. It's so fantastic. What DAW are you using?

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@@Pande I use Logic Pro. Though I've been needing to buy Pro Tools for my major, which I will be getting soon. Plus, it's an industry standard and is what we use in our school's studios. It will make working on projects a little easier so I don't have to book studio time.


It's a limitation in terms of convenience I suppose. If I start a project in Logic and send it to someone that uses Pro Tools, they wouldn't be able to open that project file. They'd get all the audio files and MIDI files, but not the project, which has all the important info. Unless there's an easier way I don't know about?


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Your major is forcing you to buy Pro Tools??


That is the biggest waste of money I can think of in this business, it is such propietary garbage.. and do not buy 11 !


I would stick with those studio time hours, as annoying as it may be, then go right back to Logic.


I agree it sucks that Pro Tools is so 'expected' by everyone, when it's such a money-sucker and is so slow to implement features that other daws have had before it way longer.

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