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I'll take it as a reference if you wanna send it my way, the thing about this character is parts of the torso and head, mostly the back sides can't be seen clearly in any reference material on the net.


I probably wont post any pics until the bulk of the model is made, then let the suggestions on what might need changing go from there.

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Oh wow, that's some pretty useful referencing there! It does show the limitations of the game engine though, and makes you wonder how much creative license would be involved to make him slightly less boxy.


I don't see why not. If it's already modeled what would be so hard about separating it into say a single map object? You're talking about 5 mins tops of work, incredibly simple.


Reminds me of the C3P0 head detonator weapon, though hopefully the scaling could be more accurate.

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I know this is really late but this is what I have so far, some of it I've kinda had to make up as I go along, not going to show one with a wireframe overlay yet since I already know the topology is total garbage on the inner part of the torso since it's just blocked out right now. Just really need to model the head and hands at this point. Let me know if anything seems off since I need as much input on this model as possible due to the severe lack of reference material out there. I feel like 10 people could make this model and each one will come out vastly different since there are no good images of him so a lot of it is just made up.

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Modeled the head and redid the topology for the main torso since it was a total mess before and would have made it a nightmare to UV map, also reduced triangle count without loss of detail. Just need the model the hands then I can start unwrapping unless there is anything anyone wants to add about the model, I'm very open to suggestions since there isn't much reference material out there.

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