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OMG The new serenity firefly map for JKA is...

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They look nice, but have a terrible layout for good gameplay, and even then, the optimisation on them is horrible, fps is terrible on all of them.

True.  He does a really good job with making them look pretty though.  Too bad he never wanted to fix fps issues, and layout issues, he could have been so much more awesome.

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His maps were mostly made for RP in mind, I believe. Not sure if calling someone's work as "crap" is really valid here. :P Also, he does lurk here from time to time.

But atleast make the fps good on them, that can easily be done with optimisation like area portals.

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I'm gonna ignore the SJC thing and say that yeah, this map is awesome. He stopped and started it frequently though, so I'm holding my breath until I see a new post by him (no time stamp on that one). I hope he gets a new grate texture.

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... Any way


That looks very impressive :) Hopefully it'll show up in the Files area soon.

I agree mate, this is something I'm gonna watch VERY closely... Also, I think that calling ANY modders work crap is very, VERY distasteful and shouldn't be done as it could very well hurt that person's feelings and could make them very angry at the person calling his/her work crap. I know I used to get almost fighting angry with a certain person (I won't call his name) who would pretty call my work with saber packaging crap but NEVER said how I could do better at it.


Just some friendly advise, now let's get back to this AWESOME looking ship. I agree with Link completely, it is VERY impressive work.

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I think I've tried all your patience long enough. Here's the BETA release.




Thankyou all for sticking with me (if anyone is still around, that is) and I'm sorry for the thousandth time that it's taken this long.




(Extracted from Readme.txt)


As many of you will know, (and for those who don't), I created a rough-round-the-edges representation of Joss Whedon's Serenity back in 2003 that I thoroughly enjoyed making - but in hindsight - could have done with a few more brushstrokes of accuracy.


So, 6 Years in the making and (I fear) 4 years too late, I have finally got around to releasing it! I firstly have to apologise to all those I have kept waiting. The problem with it all is that I'm too much of a perfectionist. Something that I will have created 3 months ago, will look dated to my eyes and need updating. Besides, bug fixing bores the ^&*! out of me, and the larger part of entity/script work is by it's nature - bug fixing. 


What is included in this file is around 98% complete of what I will call perfect, and it will do for now. I have still got some ideas for the final release which I have listed below.




I am not ashamed to admit that this effort is far far far superior to its' predecessor. I have embellished the ship with every conceivable detail, and poured through tons of reference material in order to conceive the closest possible representation of the ship you all know and love so well. This map is largely overscaled, around 20-25% to allow for a reasonable chance at role-play/game play.


Serenity, as mentioned by it's design team, is one of those few sci-fi space vessels that doesn't suffer from the Tardis effect. (Being much bigger inside, than out). All that said, I couldn't for the life of me fit all the interior into the outer shell, without warping one or the other. I decided very early on that I would have to split the map into too. Besides, with Quake III's modest capabilities, a joining of the two parts would *slay* the user's fps.


This, in turn, created a whole heap of problems which I have had to work around. Firstly I have taken liberties with some of the design. The hangar-shuttle connection in the film and tv-series is pitched at being set at the top, roof level of the hangar. Yet the blueprints rest both on the level of the kitchen. This led to a design compromise, where the shuttle access ports rest in two side areas, either side of the kitchen with a ladder down to the hangar.


I have also taken liberties with all the secret passageways and any design element in between the areas seen on the show. I have included a fuel-room, (a mighty powerful engine needs one, I figured) a nav control room (currently unscripted), a light control room (currently unscripted), a kitchen stock room, and a spare 'crew quarters' room. These are all accessible via secrets and secret passage-ways. (Explained below).




- Every possible area of Serenity seen in both tv-series and the movie.

- Scripted tiered secret system. Allowing you to unlock:

- Med-Bay

- Explosives room

- Airlocks to the outside

- Both shuttles


To Be Completed:


- A navigation/skybox cycle script system (already scripted)

- Weather cycle system

- Complete silence in space (like in the tv-series)

- Zero gravity in space

- Toggleable lights

- Engine stop and restart script (like in Out of Gas)

- A host of sound clip easter eggs, including:

- Jayne's weight bench

- Kaylee's dress

- Vera & more...






I will limit the testing on a first come first serve basis to at least hold some suspense for the final release. If you are willing to bug test the map for me (not just send feedback), download the file from the link below, and PM me a message and I'll give you the password for the .zip.


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for some reason the map file needs a password to place it into my base..

I will limit the testing on a first come first serve basis to at least hold some suspense for the final release. If you are willing to bug test the map for me (not just send feedback), download the file from the link below, and PM me a message and I'll give you the password for the .zip.


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One little question before I head up the east coast of Oz for a few weeks. Does anyone know anything about shaders, this is my poor attempt at a specular outer ship texture:


Link To Textures:


http://imageshack.com/a/img842/5521/x5ea.jpg (panels_ext)

http://imageshack.com/a/img842/9485/t805.jpg (panels_ext_bright)




	q3map_material HollowMetal
	map $lightmap
	map textures/spine/serenity_rp2/panels_ext
	map textures/spine/serenity_rp2/panels_ext_bright
	alphaGen lightingSpecular
	alphaGen const 0.75
I would prefer it to look something like this:




Any ideas?

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