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Swoop Bike Level?


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Reading the Dark Pastime's recent posts, it got me thinking. I LOVE driving, so why not slot in a swoop bike level somewhere? Ideal scenario would be:


Kyle lands on the outskirts, and must 'bike it in' to where he needs to go. Of course he won't have any force powers/lightsaber so there probably won't be any combat, just dodging alot of terrain and jumping etc rofl. I was thinking maybe just before level 3 Katarn Residence?



What do you guys think?

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If I recall, there was actually going to be a speeder level in the game but was cut due to time. I remeber seeing someone post images from an old gaming magizine that actually had picture of the level befre the game came out.


I love the idea. Makes sense since kyle and Jan were a few clicks from his fathers place in the cutscene, then BAM you start at the front door! Darn SW logic! Go with it DT! ;-)

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It could be enjoyable. Using an E11 on a swoop is better than using the swoops guns. The swoop mechanics aren't too bad once I realized that you can only control it while on the ground. In the JA level there is a lot of bouncing so it seems like the swoop doesn't respond that good.


For enemies you could put some Grave Tuskens around to let the player shoot/run over/avoid as they see fit.

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I'm not so sure about this. Ideally, remaining faithful to the game would be good, and I honestly have to ask..

Where in god's name could they put a Swoop on The Moldy Crow? Knowing that bird as well as I do, it just doesn't seem at all like one would fit. Even less, have any place to get out.

I always figured Kyle walked there, honestly. If you can find a way to get a vehicle thing working, that'd be cool, but the context is what gets me. They never showed them really land on Sulon, so I guess they could have gotten a rental a few clicks out.

If you can find a way to make it feel necessary, go right ahead.

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I think you should stay true to the original game, besides, you'd have to build a double S level like t2_trip to make it seem like you're really going somewhere since the map size in the game is pretty small.

I agree, there doesn't seem to be much point in adding a level that wasn't in the game. One idea I had though, is that maybe you could add a secret area on Barons Hed, or Back Home to Sulon where a swoop could be found and driven around.

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I could have it so Kyle purchases one from a nearby merchant. :P

Just have him "rent" one. Was there a reason they landed so far away from his ho mestead? I like the idea of avoiding creatures... if you can come up with a proper predator...


Edit: Actually the grave Tusken idea is plausible... from wookiepedia:


When Maw joined Jerec on his search for the Valley of the Jedi, the Grave Tuskens were stationed on Sulon at the insistence of Boc, who felt that "something wasn't right." They roamed the wastelands outside ofBarons Hed. Boc was correct, but didn't find out until much later when8t88 and Yun reported that Morgan Katarn's son had come after them, cutting a swath through the Tuskens as he went.

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