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Major Milestones Over the Past Decade

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Before I joined here, there was nothing more to JKA for me than the development and exercise of skill at sabering: Over my entire time with JKA that was the only thing I ever considered worthwhile, everything else was either drama or fluff (except for CTF of course, these guys rock). But ever since I joined here, I've come to respect the modding community, even if we do not share the same values and focus on completely different aspects of the game, and so I agree that the releases of some of the better mods were definitely milestones in JKA, but even so you must imagine how funny it is to me when people set out to compile a list of the most worthwhile moments in the history of the game and fill it mostly with release dates of mods.


@@Circa: Wovian and aXiom 03.04.2005, UK vs GER JNC 2006 05.02.2006 for two; picking a third one, but not a fourth or fifth one is a bit more tricky for me.


Basically this. I'd pick different milestones though but who cares. The only modding-milestones I'd find worth mentioning are the release of MBII and probably the release of JA+ because these are the most important mods for JKA.


You could also add the mb2tour tournament from 2011, not sure about the exact date though

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This is why I'm asking for help from you guys. Not everyone is going to agree on what is most important but right now, nothing shines over the rest. It's not a list, it's a timeline.


I don't know much about the competitive side of JA. Like at all.


I want this to benefit everyone in a nostalgic kind of way.


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within the last decade, Id have to say the rise of a new generation of modders, myself included, but I don't claim to be as good as some of those whom been doing this for longer, its the modders that made this community a strong one


This is an interesting milestone. I agree, there have been a lot of major changes in the community that have slowly occurred over long periods of time. Maybe we can still include these, because they are just as important! :D

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