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If a demo would distract you from the finished project I say skip it.

If the demo is simply the full first level then I'll look forward to it.


Are you going to do anything to disable cheats? Things like disabeling the saber via scripts or such? I totally plan to run around the level with my saber just like in the good 'ol days of JK with the mod Saber Battle X!

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I'd say definitely release a demo. The trap I and others always fall into is we choose a rather large project, get quite a bit of work done, but we lose motivation and all the files never see the light of day. Releasing demos insures that your work gets out. Now, you seem pretty committed to this mod, which is awesome so you probably don't have this problem. It's always good to have goals when working on a large scale mod like this. Getting a demo out there would not only be a major milestone for you, but may get some other peeps interested.

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The demo will have everything the full mod would have, only it will be just the first 3 levels. Doing it this way won't distract me from completing the rest of the mod as I can just get on with level 4+ when the demo is out. :P


There will be only 1 demo and I won't commit to a release date. It will be out when it's out. ;)





I'll make anything and everything that is needed. :)

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I don't think releasing a demo is such a bad idea if it contains content that will be shown later.

However I do find it a little bit disappointing that the first few missions will serve as the demo, as opposed to a small selection of missions from the campaign - especially in this case where the story really doesn't matter. It just means that I'll have to replay the whole of the demo when the full thing comes out. :(

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I've decided to release a 1 level "beta demo" to attract more help. It has taken me AGES to finish the first level, and the overall mod will be in peril if I don't have help from mappers. I'll put a few more touches on the first level then it should be good to go.

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I have no interest in continuing this unless some mappers join the cause.


Do you have a google drive or dropbox setup where prospective mappers can quickly download and unzip what you've already done? People like to get a good idea of what kind of work will be entailed by flying around current work and or playing it.

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