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[WIP] JK-DF2 Extreme Definition Texture Pack

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Perhaps a bit of a waste? ...because you never really see characters up close... but anyways, it was mostly a test to see if i could improve these broken textures (using AI, a bit of filter forge, some photoshop).
Base images are from Jedi Knight Remastered 3.2. 

I also improved some of the walls and all of the cloud textures (because those were really garbage). Maybe i'll put up some comparison screens later. 



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moving along ok. there's a sky on map 2 after you take the elevator up on the roof and there's a TIE bomber.. i'd love to make that awful looking night sky better, but it's really nowhere to be found in materials\jknup. any idea how i could figure it out? maybe it can't be changed in the Remaster Edit, for some reason. i did unpack a ton of .mat files from those .gob files, but to find something that converts them to .png seems difficult. also i'm not sure its even helpful, i think the Remaster uses a different format all together for the images. 

Anyways, all other skies are done. 260 images has been made much more detailed so far 🙂
Here's another comparison: JuxtaposeJS Embed (knightlab.com) (better direct comparison than below)


openjkdf2-64 2023-10-31 11-41-49-23.png

openjkdf2-64 2023-10-31 11-41-29-53.png

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