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32 minutes ago, Scerenso said:

I tried to turn the "nova" character into an NPC but when I spawn him in, It crash every time its engaged in combat? How much for a Nova NPC or can you help me properly make one with that model?

Are you making him an NPC in MD2? If so, what animations are you wanting him to use?

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44 minutes ago, Scerenso said:

No sir. I just wanted him as an NPC just for standard SP. I made him with jedi master stats

I'll try to put together an NPC file for him then, and post it here when I can :))

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On 12/6/2021 at 0:14, ZelZel said:

Los que el mod ya tiene

broder you know that I want to learn to modify models external to the mod so that they have the animations of for example a _humanoid_galen Could you tell me how you did it so that the characters you created have the animations that the mod already had, please?

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On 5/6/2021 at 15:31, ZelZel said:

Darth Vader (sin traje)

Lo vi como una idea, así que quería intentarlo. Los créditos están en el .rar como de costumbre


  Revelar contenidos ocultos







is there a possibility that you do an anakin like this from ep3? I liked this anakin but I think a normal one would look great on you

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