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Nerfing red stance and changing force effects

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I was wondering if anyone here could tell me how to adjust lightsaber damage, speed, and guard breaking, and parrying strength for specific stances in SP. Obviously I'm doing this to try to properly nerf the red stance to a reasonable degree.
I'm thinking about reducing its attack power, speed, and movement speed.  Then I'm thinking about increasing yellow's parry ability, maybe increase yellow's speed and attack power. Blue I MAY increase its speed a tiny bit. Its something I'd play around with a bit. Any suggestions on balancing are welcome.   

Secondly I'd like to make force push more useful by adding a minor damaging effect to it (EX: Level 1: 6 damage, Level 3: 18 damage). How do I add level 4 powers? I'd also like to change rate of healing (AI is to stupid to use it effectively). I'd like to slow the rate of healing to something like "Level 4 healing, 3 points of health per second for 20 seconds". This way if the AI does manage to chip off a large amount of my health it gives them plenty of time to finish me off.

Third: What program should I use for editing maps to add waypoints for NPC's? 

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Topic moved to Coding & Scripts. The Feedback forums is for just that: website related feeback.




Your first two queries are only achievable through programming the code itself. Maybe you knew that, but figured I'd mention it so you know what you're getting into if you didn't.


Your third question can be answered in the tutorial section in this thread.

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What program do I use to alter the first two or can it be done with notepad? Which file do I look in? Whenever I look I can only find the animation effects. I don't know much about modding (I've only done minor notepad changes) 
As for the third thing, you just posted botrouting, to my understanding that's for mp not sp. I know how to do the botrouting I want to know what program to use for editing maps to add SP waypoints so the Gunner NPC's don't just stand there. 

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Thanks a lot Ramikad! I'm currently playing Knights of the Force (not the original, the new one that borrowed the name) and Movie Duels 2 Remastered. So I'm going to start messing with the smaller maps and work my way up (so like Emperor's Throne Room for starters) to get a feel for the NPC routes. 
Can you tell me about the damage/force edits though. I can't seem to find the asset folder that has those files. 

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Sorry, but to make the changes you mentioned you'll have to modify the code, and I don't know anything about coding. Maybe @@Noodle can get you started, since he played around with the code in the past.


All I've ever done is very simple stuff that's ended up being too buggy to be used. Most of what I do is with scripting but it's impossible to play around lightsaber options with that.


What I can say is that what Fredwick wants to achieve will be impossible if he doesn't have a deeper understanding of coding and the math used to configure the lightsaber settings. The program that I use to mess with the code is Visual Studio, and Eez did a tutorial about how to set it up for JA here: https://jkhub.org/topic/9947-compiling-openjk-win32-must-read-for-new-coders/.


I also recommend reading this and understanding it at its fullest https://jkhub.org/topic/9949-c-and-c-primer/


If you're truly commited to understanding code, read this before doing anything and don't try to rush through it. 99% of the issues I see with  modding is because people jump right through the tools without trying to understand how they work.

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