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Jedi Academy: Enhanced

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NOTE: If you don't already have it and you're on Windows, you'll need the MSVC++ 2010 redistributable: http://www.microsoft...ls.aspx?id=5555

NOTE: If you're having crashing issues, try the default renderer by setting cl_renderer to rdcustomsp-vanilla


Jedi Academy Enhanced is a mod for Jedi Academy Single Payer which adds RGB sabers, saber customisation, holstering, new force powers, some extra character customisation options using “head swapping” and optionally allows you to use AJL's SFX Sabers.


It's based on OpenJK (so the code is released under the GPL and available at https://github.com/redsaurus/OpenJK/tree/custom) and a slightly modified version (for SP) of AJL's SFX Saber code. It also uses Open Jedi Project code for TrueView.



Features and Commands


All OpenJK features and fixes.

RGB Sabers These can be set in the menus or by setting the sabercolor to a hex code in the console - for example "/sabercolor 1 xff0000" will set the first lightsaber blade to be red. It is possible to set the sabercolours of NPCs by setting their sabercolor to a hex code in the .npc file. If you want to set one sabercolour for base and one for this mod, you can set the sabercolor of the NPC or lightsaber to the base value, and sabercolorRGB to the RGB value for this mod. Higher blade numbers are set with saberColorRGB2, saber2ColorRGB3 etc.

SFX Sabers SFX Sabers can be enabled in the console by setting cg_SFXSabers to 1.

Ignition Flare A lightsaber ignition flare can be enabled in the console by setting cg_ignitionFlare to 1. A custom ignition flare can be specified for a lightsaber with "ignitionFlare <shader>" in the .sab file.

Custom Sabers Now lightsabers can be customised like the player species. An example customisable hilt is included thanks to AshuraDX.

Saber Holsters Lightsabers are now holstered when not in use. A tag_holsterorigin can be added to a hilt for better placement. Adding "holsterPlace <none/hips/back/lhip>" in the .sab file specifies where a hilt will be holstered.

Headswapping Several new heads are available for the human male and human female species. You can add your own heads - see the .headswap files in the sp_custom.pk3 for examples. NPCs can have heads set using the playerHeadModel and customHeadSkin commands in their .npc file.

RGB Character Colours Adds an RGB slider option to all player species.

Better Entity Spawning The /spawn command now supports entity keys, e.g. "spawn fx_runner fxFile the/file".

.eent files Maps now load entities from mapentities/mapname.eent in addition to loading them from the .bsp file.

Raz0r's MP Movement Raz0r's MP-style movement from the SP speedrun version can be enabled by getting g_MPmovement to 1.

Extra Player Tints (Unused) Playermodels are able to have multiple tints. If you enter “newPlayerTint 0 <R> <G> <B>”, any shader stages for the player with “rgbGen lightingDiffuseEntity 0” will be tinted to this colour rather than the usual.

Ghoul2 view models First person view weapon models are now allowed to use .glm models using eezstreet's code.

Detachable E-Web The player can detach an E-Web from its mount by pressing the Use Force button whilst using it. While the E-Web is equipped, the player moves more slowly.

More usable weapons The tusken rifle and noghri stick are fully usable by the player. A DC15-A clone rifle, DC15-S clone blaster and E-5 droid blaster have also been added.

Improved jedi_hm DT's very nice improved Human Male jedi is included.

Katarn Saberstyle A gun / saber stance. Not completely ready yet, but you play around with it (with cheats enabled) by doing "give weapon_bryar_pistol" and then "setsaberstyle katarn" in the console.

Saberthrow Saberthrow is now a force power.

New force powers Force Insanity, Destruction, Repulse and Stasis have been added. Force Repulse is gained automatically during the SP campaign. NPCs can use Destruction and Stasis. For faster force regeneration, g_forceRegenTime has been brought over from MP.

TrueView As seen in Open Jedi Project and all the other mods that used it, TrueView shows the player model in first person view. You can turn it on for guns with cg_trueguns and turn it on for sabers with cg_fpls.

Radar The radar system from Siege in MP now works in SP. Giving NPCs and misc_radar_icon entities the icon key will set a custom icon. A 2D minimap is also loaded from minimaps/mapname.mmap.

rd-rendsaurus A heavily in progress new renderer. It won't be anything on the scale of rend2, but for now it has some kind of support for frame buffer objects. You can turn them on with r_FBOs 1 - I found that dynamic glow was made significantly faster on OSX.




The code and menu files are GPL. The relevant GPL license is included in the "readmes” folder. For completeness the Open Jedi Project readme is included although permission has been granted to use the TrueView code under the GPL.


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i freaking love the sfx sabers and new force powers, i agree with mizore, except enemies should sometimes push it back so that you have a chance to use it on force power enemies, but you don't easily op them with the power, or make them have some resistance to it

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How do you load this mod since I get failed to load renderer when using the shortcut provided.


Nevermind figured it out.

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hmm..Not sure if I did something wrong but the rgb saber blade selection did not worked when I added a separate saber blade mode (Xeby's  Unstable blade). It works without adding the blade.


Also, after the first mission (crash on Yavin), it messes up my custom animations.

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what are this mod's requirements? I get this Error: File not found: trueview.cfg

don't mind that, trueview still works


Also the radar isnt working.

it only works with the yavin hangar map for now


also, switching to saber still triggers third person view...

enable trueview lightsabers and it should work

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i can press the view change button when trueview is enabled for sabers but it still defaults to thirdperson view for sabers. I have to press the view change button again to get first person view in sabers

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Much Crash Such wow ( i crash when i switch weapons and after awhile i crash upon loading screens or cinematics ) mod is really hard to play...

tbh i only really want first person view lightsaber :(

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mod is great but there could be nice to see a further version and new powers :) with nice anim and sounds of new force powers :)

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I installed it because of the force repulse (which btw unlike in TFU, is just an enhanced push), but have too many crashes.

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This is great! If there's one suggestion I have it's that the human merc's weapons get randomized. There are human merc variants that are only used once or twice throughout the entire game so I think it would be nice if they appeared more often.

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Can i put a modified clone wars stance v6 mod in this?

as i know you will not have problem's with compatibility with jk enhanced so yeahh :)

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Idk if I installed it right. It says Jedi Academy Enhanced on the title screen, but I haven't notice any changes besides sound effects. Could you explain where each file goes? I normally just play around in SP on MP maps and just do sandbox stuff. And some customization stuff like clothes and heads (Some of the heads are invisible) RGB options aren't showing, custom sabers aren't there and are not being holstered, I can't use any of the cheats for force powers, point of view, or the stances. Any instructions would be greatly appreciated. This is all confusing to me.

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Is there any way I can assign the different saber crystals to npcs? For example, I want Kylo Ren to have an unstable crystal by default when I spawn him.

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