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  1. @@redsaurus thank you for updating the code. I looked at the source to figure out the culprit behind galak mech's shield glitch, but I still can't figure it out. It works fine in the jedi outcast portion of enhanced. Could it be the way it's rendered?
  2. Unfortunately, I'm having the same issue with the galak_mech shield in Jedi Knight:Enhanced. JKIIEnhanced works perfectly, strangely enough.
  3. Thanks for the response. I'm not concerned about thrown sabers; I'm trying to damage the shield with a saber swing, and I've noticed that any saber blade, laser projectile, etc. goes right through them without damaging the droid's armor.
  4. I noticed that all projectiles (including sabers) pass through the assassin droid's shields as if they weren't even there. I've been searching through the OpenJK code to see if I could fix the issue, but I can't find any specific line regarding shields and hit detection. If anyone has suggestions on how to get the saber to actually hit and damage the shields, it would be appreciated.
  5. I would like to know this as well; I'm looking in wp_saber.cpp, but can't find the exact line of code that causes this. It's funny that you posted this right as I was about to request it myself.
  6. Thanks for working on this; it's exactly what I was looking for in a Jedi Academy mod. If it's not too much to ask, is it possible to - make the Galak_Mech shields deteriorate from lightsaber strikes like in Jedi Outcast (right now it's nearly impossible to damage him since those attacks pass through it) - make the force destruction projectile not be affected by the AI's tendency to force push projectiles right back Either way, this project is outstanding!
  7. It works now; I renamed your executable to match the original (openjk_sp.x86.exe) and there are no more problems. I'm not sure which one is stranger, the fact that Windows 10 prefers a specific name for the executable or the fact that all of the new features work perfectly even when it is renamed. Awesome job with the galak_mech NPC by the way.
  8. I'm not exactly sure what information to provide, but what I can say is that this has happened every time I restart my computer and run the application a few times. It works perfectly in-game. However, when I decide to quit the program from the menu, it says "openjk_sp.x86.exe has stopped working", or something along those lines. Afterwards the program refuses to work and appears stuck in the task host window. Merely ending the process/process tree has no effect on it. I find it strange that the program would mention that it has "stopped" right as I quit, and even stranger that the program can't be stopped manually from task manager once this occurs.
  9. Slight problem: openjk_customsp.x86.exe seems to "crash" every once in a while. It will work the first few times, then it will stop working altogether and won't terminate in task manager or anything else. The only way to make it start again is to shut down the computer and restart. I thought it was my computer at first, until I realized that the standard openjk_sp.x86.exe doesn't have this problem at all. Any thoughts?
  10. Thanks redsaurus. This looks great, especially the Katarn SaberStyle. I look forward to the completed product.
  11. redsaurus, could you add either of these?: -Force Destruction immunity to Force Push (so it acts like the one in Jedi Knight where force users can't repel it) -Galak_Mech working NPC (so far, only the serenity engine has it, but I'm looking for one that works on OpenJK as a mini-mod rather than a complete conversion) Either way, I'm very satisfied with what you added to the gameplay so far. Looking forward to the "Kyle" saber stance!
  12. This may sound like a tall order, but has anyone re-created galak_mech with working shields, etc. for Jedi Academy yet? I barely managed to get him to walk in place, at which point JA crashed. I always wanted to fight him with his own shield generator and AI, but to no avail. Any file/help would be very much appreciated.
  13. My game was crashing as well, but then I found the solution. Create a shortcut to openjk_sp.x86.exe so, then edit the shortcut. After the full title of the shortcut, add after the quotations, +set fs_game OpenJK. For example, my shortcut reads: "C:\Program Files (x86)\LucasArts\Star Wars Jedi Knight Jedi Academy\GameData\openjk_sp.x86.exe" +set fs_game OpenJK. The game should run without crashes after this. As a side note, eezstreet, how do I edit weapon damage directly from a build? Do I need to actually compile the code myself, or can I open up a document within the latest build and edit the values directly? If the answer is yes, which one do I need to edit and how? Last but not least, thank you for making this excellent project.
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