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    Very nice, Mandalorian fans everywhere rejoice!
  1. Still plugging away at this project! The current focus: Some geometry changes have been made. Most significantly, the over-all size of the map height and width further increased, after testing and finding that it needed more space to accommodate vehicles (the R1 security droid), jedi play and easier entry and egress through the cell doors. Remade the ladder entryway, and a Razor Crest interior that features all of the expected aspects : the bunk room, vactube station, ladder to cockpit, carbonite chamber, side door, rear hatch, and the docking access point. Lots of time spent with Blender, learning how to make and import models. Lots of fun, and lots of work! I do not want to extend the working time on the map indefinitely! Though as I continue to learn, I find ways to improve the quality of the level and want its first widespread playtest/release to be up to a higher standard. (Or more specifically, makes me feel satisfied that it was a quality endeavor) I have the editor is open today, and ill be putting in some good time, trying to get this project closer to release!
    Amazing collection of models, perfect timing for the upcoming series!
  2. Great input thanks! I had several thoughts on how it might be constructed. A moving func train that runs through a brushwork track. Seems the most intricate, and probably has problems to solve like spawns. I thought perhaps there would be a way to make spawns safe - playing movie battle 2, they have the ability to spawn anywhere in the map onto a "commander" unit. I thought perhaps something similar would apply to having spawns somehow tied to the moving train. Ot with some trickery as you described, scrolling textures, maybe an occasional brushwork mountain or bridge that approaches via func train, while the train is actually stationary. Though I never reconciled the best way to approach the map. Thanks for the ideas and input.
  3. Thanks guys. I was pondering a multiplayer map, something emulating the train scene from the Solo movie. Would overriding the spawn system + teleporting players require coding?
  4. Would it be possible to link spawn points to a func train/platform, so they move along with the entity? Just pondering a train heist map, wondering if it's possible to make an actual moving train, or if it would have to be simulated movement with tc mod scrolling backgrounds and other trickery.
  5. I don't think he's kid-ding....
  6. Yes, that's the next big step. It will be my first rigged character! (its a vehicle technically) Im planning to make the mouse droid that was in the show also - and potentially model the other characters of the episode as well. Though that is a lot of work! So my project priority list: Finish out the map build - its geometry is about 95% complete. Redo the intro cinematic. Subsequently retexture everything!! Finish modeling and rig the R1 droid. Ideally release both the map and the droid at the same time. Though if the map is "ready", and the droid is taking too long, release the map and then separately release the droid model. Then it would probably be the mouse droid model, followed by the other droid, or make the backpack with the deployable gun/model this character. After that, im not sure ill continue im probably ready to move focus forward on other map projects I have begun at that point.
  7. More fiddling around with this guy for a bit today: Added more aspects of the wiring harness and extra greebles placed, after looking over some more source photos. Also repositioned and resized some existing aspects. He really should not take too long after getting all the pieces in place.
  8. Thank you. I'm hoping for it to look really clean when the textures are upgraded - the lines on the door are really nice. I've been burning everyone's eyeballs out with those flat Microsoft Paint textures for too long! it's been a fun project, and Ive been learning as much as I can as time allows. Hopefully much more to show soon.
  9. Finally, after a year of rebuilding everything an untold number of times, im approaching a point where the world size/shape and look are converging to a place that feels close to the source as well as having decent amount of room to maneuver. (Special thanks to MJT for helping me build a cell door that looks really nice and allowing me to pester him with questions!) Nothing is finalized: still need to go over/re-do the textures, add shaders, and also work on lighting. Though Im really happy with the overall look that is emerging.
  10. Nice! Im on the same journey, and building some nice skills along the way. Its fun, look forward to seeing what else you make!
  11. A little bit of face time this morning. And a place holder wiring to the repulsor engine, some antennae adjustment, and minor shifting of parts placement.
  12. Small updates as time allows: Updated his antennae, refined the turret, refined his chest plate and runners, added the repulsor back piece, added the start of his "hook box", added some place holder wiring harness and refined some of the overall shapes and placement from reference images. Everything will be refined of course, this is just a teaser of progress.
  13. Poking around today on this guy today. And refining areas of the map.
  14. Im totally open to criticism, and I agree entirely. I was holding out on final texturing, lighting and shading, and trying to prioritize on optimized construction, and how the map plays and looks - I've rebuilt it countless times! That is just a fraction of the different build structures I tried! It's finally arriving at a state where I'm happy with it overall. It's large enough so all siege classes can navigate without camera issues, and will easily accommodate the "big" R1 security droid I'm modelling. I was told setting a nonplaner angle shader would help alleviate the sharpness - what is your texture suggestion exactly? Highlight the borders? The lightmap also needs to be baked, it's all ugly entity lights currently. The plan is to fully complete the map (so close!), and then export it to blender or quixel mixer to texture everything nicely, and try make some nice materials for future rend2 updates. I've had a tremendous amount of helpful insight and contributions, and welcome anyone else who may want to point out things that could be improved.
  15. Hello all! After the most trying of years, of insane disaster after disaster - The past two days ive been able to sit down and work on the map for long blocks of time. Ive begun pushing hard to build out the level and get it into people hands! Though as per standard this year, now my PC is crapping out! Video card or perhaps power supply is failing- ill be testing today and taking action. Though here is a tastes of where I left off: Increased the scale of the playable areas considerably - the height and width of the lanes are significantly larger, and its far more conducive to multiplayer action and guiding the NPC through the hallways. Everything that I was able to build out before my PC started puking is optimized for performance and rapid buildout- the only thing that I was unable to complete here prior to computer problems was being able to compile the new doorframes at higher subdivisions for a nice, smooth look. Ive made some changes to the overall layout, made the sections a bit more distinct from each other to alleviate the feeling of being completely lost, and worked out a fair way of making the objectives completable - even vs a dug in defense. Ive also begun modelling the second droid featured in the show: Plans are to make it function like a Droideka, without shields. Give it a "speed mode" that disables attacks, and then a slower yawing powerful gun turret in "attack mode". That way it could emulate how it performs in the episode - shown to be able to move fast, though aiming takes a bit of time, and makes them more susceptible to melee attacks. (as shown in the show, when the Davarionian rushes up to one of the droids, and body slams it before it can aim, and then finally picks it up and throws it into another droid that is speeding towards the fight) I Im excited to share what I think will be a fun map/mod with everyone. With luck in repairing my PC, im hoping to get V1 out to everyone in the nearest future. Wish me luck!
  16. Looks excellent, looking forward to seeing the rest!
  17. Ah, cool, never saw that one. thank you for the link!
  18. Something I thought would be fun to make: A bounty hunter themed mod, in the style of the hitman series. The game would be set in your ship as a hub. From the hub, you can interact with various screens that let you select you "bounties". Selecting a bounty takes to to a scripted scenario, where you have to eliminate a certain npc within a timeframe and perhaps sometimes only using specific weapons. Could be very fun if left easily moddable so people could drop in new scenario pk3s to add missions.
  19. A little something to look while the map is being completed: A prototyle Camtono seige model for a potential future mapping project.
  20. Curious. You were able to change player size in SP using npc_targetname? I was just thinking about potential mods to try when I finally have time/access to my workstation. Yes, you are correct, I was thinking about scaling the player model, for a potential Marvel-ous mod.
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