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  1. Congratulations, it was hard to make a choice with all the great submissions! !
  2. Interesting to hear the anecdotes of the creating of the game, wish they had more - why dont they remember every little detail of 20 years ago!!! *sarcasm* Good of you to put this together, nice to see all involved had good memories of the experience. Six hour, 20 year Jedi academy anniversary video next year!
  3. When your "easy" project becomes a full capital ship! Everything that you see in the show as source material is included - the docked RC ship, the laddered entryway, the hallway structure, the accessible cell interiors and the control room. And then to add more variety, I built several other unique points of interest to build out more of the ship as playable space. I built an engineering bay, an engineering crawlspace that was inspired by the concept art for the episode (that leads to the control room), several ladderways to access the crawlspace, access to the sensor area in the crawlspace, access to the forward and rear center turret bays in the crawlspace, a central maintenance bay(also inspired by concept art), a prisoner contraband/evidence storage room, and droid bivouac stations. I also made each of the three main-hall "subsections" distinct. Each team will experience the map a little differently, hopefully that asymmetry makes if more fun. If not, I have designs on extending the map forward to lead into a ships bridge (which I could use to symmetrize the whole map further) !!! Everything was built as if you could take the map outline, and impose it over a picture of the ship to a nice clean fit. My plan to push and motivate myself to get the map to a 1.0 version, is "finishing" the map to submit to the Underworld contest - the ship is a perfect home for members of the underworld!
  4. The advertising keeps saying it will be the rematch of the century - maybe Palpatine vs Windu lol?
  5. Gimp, and paint.net. Both are pretty ok free options.
  6. Did you mean vertical? If so, having a large freight those elevator that takes playets down to a portaled "underground" area seems possible. Something on my radar was to make a spaceport area ala the solo movie, with an imperial recruiting center. Perhaps another time I would be interested in working together, but right now im in deep finishing a long running project - and have three other mandalorian themed map ideas id like to push out also!
  7. A spaceport or an "underground" area sort of based on the solo movie could be interesting.
  8. Really cool model! I have an issue with it as an NPC, he spawns with missing pieces / pitch black areas around his body, and if he is hit on an arm he dismembers into multiple pieces.
  9. Beefed up the proportions significantly. Much happier with the profile now. And started on the bonus variant from the original trilogy.
  10. It's probably a bit high now? Im still making some proportion changes, and some adjustments, then it can probably be optimized further.
  11. Beefed up the wiring harness a bit, redid the hover base to be oriented in the correct sequence, and started joining and cleaning up loose mesh pieces. Still need to streamline the rats nest of wires, which should make a significant improvement in his profile.
  12. A bit of optimizing and some shaping of the base today. Also started a side project for the Underworld contest!
  13. R1 Texture mockup. Still needs mesh update/wiring harness streamlining. Little reshaping to the wiring harness side, front rails, and a bit of clean up in free time today:
  14. The map does need some more work, im still plugging away - appreciate the reminder me about the phong shader! Thank you for the compliment on the model. Its still in progress, with the wiring harness being the area that needs the most attention. Ive been dedicating my time to learning better topology practices and have been upgrading the droid and the Prison ship as I level up my skills. Im hoping to make the prison transport a pilotable ship too, as an extra bonus. All in good time!
  15. Refining/Expanding some greebles in spare time today. Left side wiring harness needs a lot of work, and the repulsor bottom needs a redo/refine - coming soon! And last adjustment for the day, a little bit of detail to the iris, and some minor resizing of various pieces.
  16. Massive diversions put the project progress to a very slow snails-pace crawl, though things are moving forward. Some clean up for the prototype R1 droid model, with more to come.
  17. Lunchtime baby steps on the transport ship model: Lots of progress on the map also, though will save that for closer to the release. Still working on some layout flow, and structures for rooms that were never shown in the show. The extra rooms had to be imagined, designed and creatively built to fit cohesively within the rest of the map. Looking forward to sharing!
  18. Still plugging away at this project! The current focus: Some geometry changes have been made. Most significantly, the over-all size of the map height and width further increased, after testing and finding that it needed more space to accommodate vehicles (the R1 security droid), jedi play and easier entry and egress through the cell doors. Remade the ladder entryway, and a Razor Crest interior that features all of the expected aspects : the bunk room, vactube station, ladder to cockpit, carbonite chamber, side door, rear hatch, and the docking access point. Lots of time spent with Blender, learning how to make and import models. Lots of fun, and lots of work! I do not want to extend the working time on the map indefinitely! Though as I continue to learn, I find ways to improve the quality of the level and want its first widespread playtest/release to be up to a higher standard. (Or more specifically, makes me feel satisfied that it was a quality endeavor) I have the editor is open today, and ill be putting in some good time, trying to get this project closer to release!
    Amazing collection of models, perfect timing for the upcoming series!
  19. Great input thanks! I had several thoughts on how it might be constructed. A moving func train that runs through a brushwork track. Seems the most intricate, and probably has problems to solve like spawns. I thought perhaps there would be a way to make spawns safe - playing movie battle 2, they have the ability to spawn anywhere in the map onto a "commander" unit. I thought perhaps something similar would apply to having spawns somehow tied to the moving train. Ot with some trickery as you described, scrolling textures, maybe an occasional brushwork mountain or bridge that approaches via func train, while the train is actually stationary. Though I never reconciled the best way to approach the map. Thanks for the ideas and input.
  20. Thanks guys. I was pondering a multiplayer map, something emulating the train scene from the Solo movie. Would overriding the spawn system + teleporting players require coding?
  21. Would it be possible to link spawn points to a func train/platform, so they move along with the entity? Just pondering a train heist map, wondering if it's possible to make an actual moving train, or if it would have to be simulated movement with tc mod scrolling backgrounds and other trickery.
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