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  1. I believe there is an option in the video settings that says full screen (off) - click that to on and then click the apply button.
  2. Interesting information! Thank you for all of your help.
  3. Another piggyback question - My scripted elevators work as intended - though after using them once, they return to a resting position that is just a step lower than they started. What would cause that / what did I do wrong?
  4. Thank you, I will look up move blocks / use blocks. And thank you for the tip about doors and placement. Truly appreciate the help.
  5. Second add on question: How do I script the elevator to have doors that open when it reaches its destination?
  6. Thank you fast man, that was the problem. I did have a working elevator, but ended up having surprise duplicate brushes on my lift that I had to delete, maybe deleting the extra trigger changed the values on the script runner?
  7. Hello, As per title, my scripted elevator only works once. The triggers have a count of -1, and the elevator works, both up and down - but only one time. Then it will not function any longer. What could I have done wrong?
    I do not know the character, but this is good looking work!
  8. Really looking forward to the contest, I hope it's a map competition, and brings something fresh to the game. I may even have something to submit!
  9. Thank you for the information. I understand most of what you wrote, through some was still outside my current skillset, though I'm willing and actively trying to learn! So I could use a func train, and have it run its course, and trigger a teleport that resets it to the starting point - to make a sort of endless loop? I was hoping to make at least a flat platform, that moves the player in a single direction. With box's interspaced on it, so a player could "ride" it with some small cover to help them advance.
  10. If you ask, people will generally help, or point you in the right direction. https://jkhub.org/forums/forum/153-tutorials/ A quick glance at the tutorials section shows pages of modeling tutorials. I believe the expectation is for people to read and try to learn on their own, and ask questions if youre stuck or confused.
  11. Very cool, thank you for all of the input, it is appreciated. My main intent is to make a flat, moving conveyor belt, like you see in factories, mines, airports - I think I may be able to make one based off all the ideas you shared. Will try when I get a chance and share my results.
  12. Thank you for the idea, I'll look into it and see what I can make.
  13. Noone likely minds the name, just appreciate the effort!
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