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  1. Oh no, was looking forward to seeing this process. Rest and feel better!
  2. That sounds like it has potential for fun.
  3. Thank you for clarifying, that helped! Im still getting some strange shadows on some patches, was you can see on the circular doors. Anything I can do to help improve lighting on patches?
  4. Hello all, I have been working on my map project for a good while, making multiple brushwork configurations, making models and all sorts of experimentation. Things have been progressing, but what im having a difficult time getting past, is lighting. Using entity lights in my map causes a lot of shadows around patches and brush edges - which just looks terrible, and not fully lit - even the models are darkened. Now Im attempting to make a shader light for the ceiling panels in hopes that will improve the quality of the lighting - its more lit for certain but
  5. Dynamic glow is on in the recent photos. Removing all of the ceiling and floor trim brushes (and new textures) helped with the overall look, though I still have yet to work on lighting. It's still entirely lit by entity lights, which you can see pooling on the ceiling and floors... hoping not for much longer, just depending on my schedule and availability - which changes daily lol. Shaders are also on the near future agenda, though with the time I have this weekend I'm focusing on improving the quality of the textures, revising celldoor models, and optimization.
  6. New texture rendition of the connecting hallway "panels" this morning. The other celldoor panels, door textures and refinement of the ceiling panels and door models all in line for upgrades soon, should be some more to show this weekend!
  7. Dabbling with smoother doorframe models and various texture work today: Earliest versions displayed, still more to come this weekend!
  8. Just a little optimization, and the beginning of texture upgrading. The ceiling panels and floor borders were baked into new textures, removing a ton of brushes, and increasing the height profile of the hallways. Before and after: Still making adjustments to the ceiling textures, some textures will eventually need a light wear layer and also shaders. More upgrades coming very soon!
  9. Everyone has been extremely helpful in this ambitious first map endeavor. I could not take credit any increase in activity, that would be of the amazing work people put out recently in the contest and beyond. Im happy to work on something with an end product that people can hopefully enjoy in multiple ways. After this project reaches a moving on point, im hoping to make a few other locations. And hopefully at a quicker pace with everything ive been taught and learned along the way! I have several ideas for follow up projects, all of them in a much more open environment lol
  10. Something to look at today, community member ZanderNao came through unexpectedly last night with some custom textures for the control room! They are a good rendition of the control room monitors featured in the show, including "security camera" pictures taken within the map, and placed in the texture with an appropriate filter color to resemble the source material. He also surprised me with the lighting panels and switches that do a good job at representing the source material! Here is the first rendition of slapping those textures on the walls that I did today at lunchtime (Th
  11. Moving along on the project now that some of my time has opened up, and I have been receiving a ton of great tips and tricks from MJT, and several other really helpful community members! Finally have a grasp on ase "modeling", and have begun to add some more features to the map. Here are a few of the aspects that were recently added: Made a fully functional prison cell - panel hackable to open and close. Yes you can toss people inside and lock them in like on the show! Its fun! Also note the more rounded cell doorframe - another helpful tip from MJT on
    Really cool model for anyone that likes Star Wars and or the Mandalorian! The pictures do not do it full justice! Its amazing!
  12. After much fussing around, and again guidance and assistance from community members, the Razor Crest is now open for business. The ladder is now a model instead of fussy brushwork, and its scalable by pressing the use key to "ascend" the ladder. This is the first build of the interior, made entirely today, so its barebones styling and cartoony first pass textures. The ladder model will also be revised over time. They both have a lot of work left to complete, though the process is underway. Eventually the cockpit ladder will be
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