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  1. Ive already begun rebuilding, which wasnt too bad as the scene im working on is template based to a high degree. Though I would appreciate if you explained how to fix it in a text editor, for future reference. The bak was 90kb.
  2. Yes, I suspected that this was a sign that I need to back up any projects from now on, it was frustrating to lose the work.
  3. There is a .bak file, though I do not know how it is useful (aka im educated yet on what a .bak file does), could you please explain? Autosave did have an earlier build of the map, so not everything was lost.
  4. As stated in the title, I just lost my map, due to windows 10 crashing during a test compile. Trying to open the map file just causes gtkradiant to open a blank unnamed project. The previous bsp file is corrupt, I attempt to devmap the file and it prompted something to the effect that it needs version 1 (or 0). Have I lost all that work permanently? Is there any way to recover ?
  5. You're really making a lot of progress.
    Very cool model. I always thought if/when I start to learn modelling, I would make some droids. Nice model, nice idea, and nice adherence to the reference! PS does the tread animate? I spawn him in, but he is stationary.
  6. Pictures are not loading.
  7. Gtkradiant. There is a whole mapping section of the forum, and a tutorial section. Its fairly easy to get the basics and have a working map quickly - just expect it to take some practice until you can achieve a quality looking (and playing) map.
  8. Nice! Hopefully ill have time to make a small map for Halloween. If I was dabbling in modeling, I would make a pumpkin thermal detonator. Maybe with a screaming/laughing effect when its thrown or when it explodes. Looking forward to seeing the entries.
  9. Looking at the gtkradiant shortcut manual, I do not see "J" as a shortcut key - and I did check it before initially posting this thread. Is there a more comprehensive list of functions for the editor that are not shown in the manual?
  10. It still shows the selected brush in the 2d views, though as stated in the thread title, GTK radiant is not showing my selected brush highlighted in red in 3d view as it has been since beginning mapping. Did I accidentally hit a hotkey to turn off showing selected brush? Is my gtkradiant bugged? What did I do?
  11. I'm a newer mapper, only having used gtkradiant for about two months. I've read the gtkradiant manual, the shader manual, dabbled with scripting (and shaders), followed tutorials, and looked around at other gtk mapping communities to try and learn as much as possible. I'm still learning, and have a ton of questions, so some of my questions may be rudimentary, or unclear because I have not committed all of the terminology to memory just yet. Looking at my initial post, it is quite a vague blanket question - I suppose I was hoping there was a common reason for light "leaking" through a door. I'll try to provide more detailed information later.
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