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  1. Ah, cool, never saw that one. thank you for the link!
  2. Something I thought would be fun to make: A bounty hunter themed mod, in the style of the hitman series. The game would be set in your ship as a hub. From the hub, you can interact with various screens that let you select you "bounties". Selecting a bounty takes to to a scripted scenario, where you have to eliminate a certain npc within a timeframe and perhaps sometimes only using specific weapons. Could be very fun if left easily moddable so people could drop in new scenario pk3s to add missions.
  3. A little something to look while the map is being completed: A prototyle Camtono seige model for a potential future mapping project.
  4. Curious. You were able to change player size in SP using npc_targetname? I was just thinking about potential mods to try when I finally have time/access to my workstation. Yes, you are correct, I was thinking about scaling the player model, for a potential Marvel-ous mod.
  5. I was wondering if there was a way to emulate super hero size changing on the fly - is it possible to script a player model size/scale change in game? Or would that require programing?
  6. To anyone watching and waiting for this project, yes it is still progressing. Delays happened, in unexpected work, and a cross country move that is still underway. Hallways have been expanded, sizes increased for playability, multiple model reversions have taken place, and a lot of help and insight from many of the various people on jkhub have kept the project rolling along. It's happening, albeit at a snail like pace for the moment. Thank you for the "likes", positive comments and constructive feedback, it's help keep me working even while I'm so highly preoccupied.
  7. Oh no, was looking forward to seeing this process. Rest and feel better!
  8. That sounds like it has potential for fun.
  9. Thank you for clarifying, that helped! Im still getting some strange shadows on some patches, was you can see on the circular doors. Anything I can do to help improve lighting on patches?
  10. Hello all, I have been working on my map project for a good while, making multiple brushwork configurations, making models and all sorts of experimentation. Things have been progressing, but what im having a difficult time getting past, is lighting. Using entity lights in my map causes a lot of shadows around patches and brush edges - which just looks terrible, and not fully lit - even the models are darkened. Now Im attempting to make a shader light for the ceiling panels in hopes that will improve the quality of the lighting - its more lit for certain but its not going how I was hoping! I tried incorporating the light emitting ceiling panel textures into the columnway model. I tried making the light emitting ceiling panel textures into brushwork - both efforts cause the texture to become "hall of mirrors". This is the shader: textures/mytextures/cpglownrps { qer_editorimage textures/mytextures/cpglownrps q3map_surfacelight 500 q3map_backSplash 0.5 8 q3map_nolightmap q3map_lightRGB 1 1 1 { map textures/mytextures/cpglownrps blendFunc GL_DST_COLOR GL_ZERO rgbGen const ( 1.00 1.00 1.00) } } What might be causing the hall of mirror problem, where am I going wrong?
  11. Dynamic glow is on in the recent photos. Removing all of the ceiling and floor trim brushes (and new textures) helped with the overall look, though I still have yet to work on lighting. It's still entirely lit by entity lights, which you can see pooling on the ceiling and floors... hoping not for much longer, just depending on my schedule and availability - which changes daily lol. Shaders are also on the near future agenda, though with the time I have this weekend I'm focusing on improving the quality of the textures, revising celldoor models, and optimization.
  12. New texture rendition of the connecting hallway "panels" this morning. The other celldoor panels, door textures and refinement of the ceiling panels and door models all in line for upgrades soon, should be some more to show this weekend!
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