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  1. Little bit of a ship shape. Head of ship given first pass on shape, gun batteries built to match source, side protrusions (radar?) shaped, engine attachment piece and some early placeholder textures.
  2. It looks really nice, looking forward to giving it a playthrough.
  3. Ah, alright. Its a new occurrence on my end, I was just wondering if anyone else was having it happen.
  4. More work today on my mini practical model Razor Crest 🤣 I plan on using the mini Razor Crest in more of my mods, for intro movies and etc, so it will be receiving "model" (brushwork) and texture upgrades over time. All of the riveting and panel lines are really extensive, that will take a bit to texture nicely. Did I mention the ship is only 110 x 76 "map" units? Eventually I will add things like working animated side and cargo doors, and landing gears. As well as a partially textured interior. But im liking it already in its plain early stages:
  5. For the past week or so, often when I try to interact with the JKhub website, it returns an jkhub host cloudflare error. Anyone else?
  6. Hmm, I'll have to check, I added ref tags and in general changed a lot afterward, not knowing/thinking it would matter. Do you need all of the new ref tags origins, or strictly the starting point of the origin brush of the mover and the last ref tag? Edit: Sent you all of the coordinates, if you could update the roff that would be amazing. Or just the start and end points? I'm unclear as to the process, so whichever is easiest for you. PS What program do you use to actually view the ROFF files? Extra PS: If I added an fx_runner, would it need i
  7. Significantly remodeled Crest(+textures), modified Correctional ship, and more work on scripted landing. (non-Roff for the moment) And some more textures, improved brushwork and some changes to the correctional transports gun batteries based off source material. Done for the day, but far from done.
  8. Little bits of progress today, in-between unnatural home disasters. Shaped the RC, and gave it two quickie textures to give it some, well, texture! The shape is right, just need some new and better textures and it will look good (enough lol). Minor optimizing and building out of the correctional transport ship. https://i.imgur.com/0ecETKO.mp4 Would be even better if I did not bork up the Roff file I was generously provided lol.
  9. I tried the set invisible command you recommended, it did not work. I have a func_static (composed of brushes) that im using as my "model". This is how I applied the command: affect ( "rcflyin", /*@AFFECT_TYPE*/ FLUSH ) { set ( /*@SET_TYPES*/ "SET_INVISIBLE", /*@BOOL_TYPES*/ "true" ); wait ( 3000.000 ); set ( /*@SET_TYPES*/ "SET_INVISIBLE", /*@BOOL_TYPES*/ "false" ); move ( $tag( "begin", ORIGIN)$, < 0.000 0.000 0.000 >, 1000.000 ); The func_static model stays visible, and then proceeds to run the rest of the script. Did I a
  10. Ah, that would be helpful! It was some really interesting luck to come down in the middle of the night and find the bathroom flooded and spraying water, and the basement filled as well. Plus my antique workshop is down there, so a few things took a hit. But oh well, 2020s just about done. lol I just tested the Roff you were kind enough to make: I call this film DUI - Din "thissss spotss guud enufffff, hic" https://i.imgur.com/CkHu2Xr.mp4 Afterward I realized that I did move the starting ref tag origin yesterday (and added one additional), w
  11. Nice, thank you! Any chance you could point me towards a walkthrough on how to make my own Roff? Or is it already in or able to be worked out by looking at the file? I'm not at my computer, and also haven't slept - had a pipe burst last night, and I'm still dealing with the aftermath. Happy New Year?
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