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  1. Please update the jurancorpark map!  Pretty please ?

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    2. Aldro Koon

      Aldro Koon

      Speaking of source maps...  This is obviously very personal and what-not, but is there any chance you would consider releasing them for the public? Expecting a no, but still had to ask for editing purposes of turning your quality SW maps into co-operative multiplayer maps for our community.

    3. Masterjedi170


      As you mentioned, it may be old but it is a masterpiece  You did say before you were going to take out a version 2 with raptors but never got updated.  Believe it or not I still host this map online and have a small community!

    4. Masterjedi170


      I am sure you have plenty of things to do, but what if on another map the Jurassic world?  I am sure somebody with your skills and experience can recreate such a level.  Like I said, there are still people who play this games and I prefer choosing your levels.  Maybe as a side project in the future?

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