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Star Wars Episode III JKA Map Pack - Part 2

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Well I spent a long time on this map and I am pretty happy with the way it turned out. First I will talke about the different areas, you will find the Huge lava river complete with different floatin platforms and droids that you can ride on or battle on. The river has various lava falls which (in most cases) will kill you as will the lava. The lava collectors in this area can be lowered into the lava byt the control panel in the control room to the right of the main door. The control panel next to that will also trigger the lowering once destroyed.


There are three landing pads with Anakins fighter, Padmes Noobian, and the Emporers shuttle, a droid work shop complete with a stock of droids LOL!


Now unfortunately there are some bugs in this version, even though I used the appropriate spawnflags on some of the rock models, they still allow the players to pass through them in places, also there are two crates left unclipped in the droid workshop, some of the lava falls allow you to pass through them, and areas of the lava river do not kill you.


There are some other minor glitches which will all be sorted once I release the final 2 parts of the mappack series. I intend to release all six maps in thier complete form as one huge mappack :D


Out of these two maps Mustafar is my favourite and is the one I spent most time on.






Ok well this map was a pain in the but from the start, it was so hard to get the feel and look of Utapau using the q3a engine, so I did my best, parts of the map look pretty basic but other part like the 'level 10' trade fed ship and some of the Utapau structures are pretty detailed.


There are two func_trains that 'fly' around this level taking you from the lower parts to the upper level 10, there are also jump pads here and there, plenty of landing pads where you can spawn things (yourselfs i mean lol!).


Again as with mustafar I will provide a more complete version of this map in the final 6 mappack!


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what is name of the map pls? i tried to devmap to mustafar but it says, cant find the map.. btw thankyou

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what is name of the map pls? i tried to devmap to mustafar but it says, cant find the map.. btw thankyou



dont quote me on that, i believe its that.

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