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    Working with Movie Battles II Author : Dusty Gametype : FFA/Duel/Siege(MBII) (free for all/Siege (Movie Battles II)) File Name : templejedi - How to install - 1. Extract the folder 2. Copy or replace templejedi.pk3 in GameData/base directory or Gamedata/MBII 3. Enjoy and play with friends or inspect map in solo game Also you can use console to start the map type : /map templejedi Discord: Dusty#0383
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    Update the link please, and as soon as possible)
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    Zyk OpenJK Mod

    Hi Zyk, but you can do something like Force Stasis and other cool stuff? Is that impossible?
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    Zyk OpenJK Mod

    Hello Zyk, I hope you remember me) What is new from 3.70 to 3.72?
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