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  1. May I ask, if these are for MB2, another mod or just random? They are looking very nice!
  2. A screenshot from SW: PtD EP5, that I wanted to share with you guys!
  3. Have to agree with @KnightofRen. A game with an good Story, where you can actualy play as the bad guys is what we need and I think, what most of the fans want (and dont tell, EA BF2 was a bad guys story). Nevertheless I'am looking forward to this.
  4. Thank you very much for the pack! The Patrol Trooper seems to have some helmet issuse. From the top, you can look inside the helmet. Maybe there is something glitchy.
  5. The Path to Destruction is going on with episode 4. Enjoy.
  6. The movie plakat for EP4 of PtD is complete! Also, it would be nice, if some one could change the title to "Delta-573's Machinimas". @@Circa
  7. Here it is. Enjoy! And special thanks to @@Langerd for providing that nice little spaceship map!
  8. A workshop_noclip command for an NPC would also be nice.
  9. I would say, you dont really need that many tools. I maniplulate the camera only via console commands. For a completly free camera, I spawn a swoop, get on it with deactivated lightsaber. The saber will disapere. Now you can switch into ego, use noclip and you have a completly free camera modus. For nice animations, use @@Noodle 's animationsmenu for SP. Also, the Aiworkshop is very usefull for manipulating npc for different scenes. Yeah. I personaly think, you dont really need that more.
  10. @@Jeff Ever thought about making a clone trooper model without the helmet? Using AshuraDX phase 2 clonetrooper body and a Jango Fett head?
  11. So, is maybe anyone interessted in this? Here is another picture
  12. No, no scripts. This is all ingame footage, noodles animationmenu and editing.
  13. I recreated the scene inside Vaders castle on Mustafar. @@GPChannel Thanks for the map. I hope, we get an update soon! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qxMDqGI_cG4
  14. I dont know, how to help you with that, but DAMN, I cant wait to put your map into my base folder!
  15. And here is an sneak peek for PtD EP3.
  16. Another idea that came on my mind. Maybe some around here would be interessted in creating an dueling map of the imperial plaza on Coruscant. Its from the Dark Horse comics and I thought, it looks really cool to me, another Coruscant map is clearly a win and since it is mainly a flat place, this might be not tooooooo much effort. But I very carefull with that words, since I really dont know, how big the effort really is. Maybe someone interessted? Let me know, what you think. Here is also an link to an image of the plaza: https://vignette.wikia.nocookie.net/starwars/images/e/ef/Imperial_Plaza.jpg/revision/latest/scale-to-width-down/499?cb=20121024172850
  17. That looks pretty sick! The brown jacket fits the look very well and makes him look more like somebody from the lower levels of Coruscant or a smuggler. With other words, exactly what I was searching for, thank you very much!
  18. An Brown version of that texture would also be cool.
  19. I will give it a try. XD I have only minimal Photoshop knowledge, so I dont thought it to be that easy. So thanks for the advice!
  20. Dont want to spam. Did somebody maybe have a texture version of Rax joris' torso without his imperial rank?
  21. Merry christmas. Star Wars: The Path to Destruction Episode 2 finaly here. Enjoy
  22. Awsome! Will that Vader and his new animations only available in your final mod, or will you maybe upload it to the Hub, when it is done?
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