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  1. The problem with the port from @@dark_apprentice was that static cape. When you had an fighting stance, it looks very strange, like a pice of wood. Toshi's cape was a good result for that problem. May I ask, whats your solution is? But that stuff looks really awsome. Well done!
  2. We can only say:"Help us Disney, you're our only hope." xD
  3. Will we maybe get an update on the animation menu in the near future? I just asking, I absolutly love everything of your stuff.
  4. Yeah, a few parts from the senat map with other textures, two or three opera seats and an nice lightshow as opera programm maybe.
  5. Has anyone think about an map of the opera scene from RotS, where Palpatine speek about Darth Palguis? Exists such an map already? Or is maybe some one intressted in creating this map?
  6. Looks like the Rebel magma outfit. @@Jeff has this type of rebel in his dropbox.
  7. Bad news everyone. PtD EP2 was nearly completly, but because of an Windows 10 bluescreen error, I'm unable to finish this one right now. Hopefully, I can save what I got so far, but if not, I have to start the whole thing from scratch again. This will take time again, so I have to look forward, what will happens next. Just an little update
  8. Since here are some really awsome map creators, I would like to ask, if some one ever thought about creating a new Kashyyyk map. Sjc's is good, but it would be nice to have an alternativ with maybe some more nature, trees and stuff like that. It was just on my mind and I thought, why not just ask here.
  9. Thank you very much. I'm glad you enjoy it! I dont think, it is a contest. But thank you very much! Thanks, mate! I work on the script. I hope to get you the next episode soon.
  10. Thank you so much. I will make good use of them! Sry Amedda, but you have just been replaced >
  11. Star wars? He was in Ledgends Palpatines main advisor.
  12. Hey Kualan, are you maybe intressted in creating a Sate Pestage model? Maybe you could this also use for your comic, because of his position at Palpatines side.
  13. First, your comics are awsome!I have started now from the begining and I'am addicted. The graphics are wonderful and the story is exciting. So keep that up! A second Story line comic with the characters from the original trilogy would also be awsome! I know, creating a story is not esay, but if you start a new comic series, I would prefer that way.
  14. So, I would like to try something. For that, I need a male voice actor, who can speek a few sentences for me. If some would like to do this, leave a message under this post.
  15. Nothing special, just a remake of another video.
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