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  1. Okay, thank you. Now it works. I get now an error called SV_SetUserinfo: bad index 970. Maybe because of some files I changed, when I tried to fixe the widescreen. But perhaps, the esayst way to fix is an new installation. Maybe you have also an answer for that, but first of all, thank you!
  2. If you mean, to put the OpenJK files inte the base folder, I tried this, but nothing changed.
  3. Sry, I forget to say, OpenJK MP with widescreen works fine, but the openjk_sp didnt. And everything you write is already in the jaconfig inside the OpenJk file. No idea, why it didnt work.
  4. Hello there. I have a little question. My JKA works fine with widescreen (1920x1080) When I start the game with OpenJK, I only get this standard resolutions from JKA. And that looks really ugly xD Can you help me, what I have to do? Or have you an idea, what I'm doing wrong?
  5. Ladys and Gentlemen, here it is. Episode 1 of DARK LORD. The movie is german, so i am sorry. But I will add subtitles later.
  6. The Movie now will be without Mouthmoving. But maybe after the movie is finish, some one around here could it explain to me. xD
  7. Exactly. But future might be with custom VOs. But because of this audiobook, I started with the entire machinima thing. If you want, I can send you a link to convince yourself.
  8. Thank you very much! Subtitles are now available. In germany, we have some awsome audiobooks with the orginal german voices from the Star Wars movies, but sadly until now, nobody has ever make entire movie with that audio.
  9. This is the final trailer for the first episode of DARK LORD. Its german, so i am sorry, but maybe someone here still enjoy this little trailer.
  10. The first movie poster for my upcoming Dark Lord machinima trilogy.
  11. Can you do some epic Star wars spacebattles? Or something like the last pic you posted. A battle between Sith soliders and republics like in Kotor or TOR would be awesome. I like your stuff really much. Keep it up!
  12. Inspired by the new Darth Vader comic: "The galaxy celebrated Order 66"
  13. Wow, thats is exactly what I am looking for. Great work so far!
  14. You are awsome! Looks great. Would there be also a way to bind the animations to different keys? But yeah, thats great! Is there maybe also a animation, where the the character cross their arm in front? Like this?
  15. I hope, that is not to much. That would be pretty cool. Thank you. amATease amHips amKneel amSit1 amSit2 amSit3 amSit4 amSurrender amWait amWon amHiltThrow2 amShake amNod
  16. Thats awsome! I will make a list, so you can try it.
  17. I mean emotes like amsit or something like this. And there is no such mod? But thank you!
  18. Is it possible to make the emotes from the MP work in SP? And if so, what should I do?
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