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  1. This is totally awesome, I've been waiting for something like this! But would you be able to tell me how to get the Kyle in Jedi robes (The brown/grey one with the temple in the background) to replace him in single player?
  2. Hi there, This is great, but is there anyway to get the default Kyle head (used in Replacement 1) on the body of Replacement 3?
  3. Hi there, this is amazing and works great with Prequel era Jedi, but I was wondering how we get Luke to just wear the tunic without the brown robe (first picture) because when I use the grand master file he has the brown robe with him.
  4. Oh wow. This is, wow. I always use this saber hilt as a Jedi in TOR and now I can use it as a Jedi in JKA You've made my day. Does anyone know a way of making this selectable in the saber selection menu when starting a new game? Or do I just need to edit it in like with the others?
  5. If it helps, using your other packs and some of DT's skins/models and Spanki's jedi stuff (Which i imagine are straining) it still doesn't do anything. There was a thread somewhere on this site that mentioned there was some code optimisations that could be made or something to reduce the amount of memory a model uses. Thanks man, I appreciate the help
  6. Yep that seems to have fixed it Strangely I can't get it to select my custom resolution but I'll look into that later, thanks for letting me know!
  7. Hey there, this is a great weapon and I was so happy to put it into my game, but when I did I decided to start a new game and when I killed that first stormtrooper on Yavin 4 I got an error message saying "run out of transform space for something models. Adjust MiniHeapSize in SV_Spawn_Server" which I've never had before. It stopped once I removed this mod from my base folder. Does anyone know why it does this or how to fix it, because otherwise I can't use this weapon. I'm using all of Rooxons weapons (Except Lukes saber) and have no issues with them.
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