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  1. Hi Xeby first of all great work with the saber. Second i have a small request can you add the hilt to the sp saber selection menu?
  2. Hi Rooxon I found that I can't change my saber style when using this lightsaber I also remember that when I press the L key instead of changing my saber style it retract the two crossguards on the lightsaber is there a way this can be fixed? Also great job with the lightsaber
  3. Hi xbey is it possible for you to make it work with movie lightsabers if it's possible that would be so cool thanks.
  4. hi omicorn i have a request is it possible for you to this saber color in the lightsaber creation menu un sp thanks.
  5. hi xbey there is a problem with the mod is there a way you can fix this i dowloaded this hilt pack named movie lightsabers and every time i build my light saber the color of the yellow lightsaber is normal thank you great mod by the way
  6. hi darth martyr what is a base player model? sorry i have forgotten as i have not played this game for 3 years now
  7. hi there is a problem with the lightsaber when i played one of the level it will have an error saying that i have ran out of transformation space to spawn ghoul2 but i was not trying to spawn anything can you fix this problem and also great work on the crossguard lightsaber thank you.
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