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  1. Hey! Thank you for your kind comments I'm now experimenting lightning commands for the map. I'm now also in need of mappers who can work with me
  2. Yeah skybox is ready. But the map is become a giantic one. Then I started from 0..
  3. Dathomir Nightsister Cave Entrance (Ground will be replaced with easygen terrain)
  4. Does anyone have Nightsister skins? If no I'm gonna make one
  5. Aura


    Hello JKhub community! I dunno how to start this but I was a retired modder and now I'm back to business again
  6. Right corner is finished. That Red text is saber style.
  7. I'm still trying to develop someting new this productivity affected me badly I can't help it
  8. I converted the ship to .ASE format is that what you mean (Creating a md3 ship) by study creating a md3 ship? Or you telling me you should create a complete 3D Object from zero? Thanks for the hud I'm still thinking on it. I might be change it umm... I don't know lol
  9. Control "NPC_Targetname" is a vanilla command but it controls NPC in a buggy way (You can't change weapon etc). Is there any way to fix this problem and take control of the NPC as it is your main character?
  10. An another design of the hud... I'm gonna make it look more RPG style. When you change Force-Item-Weapon you will see it on the Right Bottom Hud. Here is an example of the hud in game Also in some missions you can take control of different characters there will be a hud for this too...
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