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  1. This is fun so far....Sorry, a newbie to KOTF 2.1, please tell me how to turn off blood spatter.
  2. Why not? LOL. I don't want to use OpenJK.
  3. I don't like OpenJK. C'mon if you can do it, send me a paypal request for your time....lol
  4. Can someone send me a fixed .exe that doesn't require OpenJK?
  5. Can't get it to start...Error: NPC_LoadParms: ran out of space before reading tavion_new.npc (you must make the .npc files smaller)....
  6. Have a Duros skin? Need to add to Cantina.
  7. This is excellent work! Can you make a script to add or take away a lightsaber from a spawned npc? How about give force all?
  8. Asgarath83, I tried to do this but I am getting nowhere. Any chance you could send me your fixed .exe???
  9. Which .exe file and what program do I open it with to edit and save changes?
  10. Hey guys are you saying there is a way to remove the limit of .npc's for single player if you modify the .exe file? If so, how do we do this?
  11. Hi..newbie here...Does anyone know how to make dismemberment more specific to an npc? Like Luke Skywalker I only want him to get dismembered his hand(s) or Jango Fett only his head. I thought using dismemberProbHead, dismemberProbHands, etc. and setting them to 100 would do the trick. But whiny Luke is still getting sliced in half at the waist. Any ideas? Thank you!!
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