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  1. If you make it to where I can play this guy singleplayer then I will love the model more.
  2. I support this cause! I love this. Considering to get the armor is crazy expensive/rare in swtor. You sir should get an award of the year!
  3. @@Jolly I like this I wanted to do this to but now I don't have to
  4. @@Boothand Well I would but I recorded the demo's with MB2 CUz its gonna be for a mb2 video
  5. I am trying to convert the demo files into videos I can watch so I can edit them but Idk how nor can I find a program can someone help please.
  6. For savage? Cant wont work Plus it would look poorly with savage. It has to be Toshi's robe and hood
  7. So no one is gonna make or even attempt making these guys?
  8. @@Sidious8 It looks cool the problem is me getting the model to work. Starting to get frustrated with it. I won't show you it till I get the right code for it to work.
  9. Actually Intone asked me to make one so I did. I said why not just make 1 version when I can make 2 more with it. SO yea. I am just doing what Intone asked after all he tought me how to skin so why not repay him by making savage. Also the SBD arm was the closest I could find for a robot arm for him I also Updated it Jolly should check it out.
  10. @Ruxith I don't know how. @DT85 He wanted me to do 1 model the hooded one I said nah why don't I do 3 different versions. I couldn't of done it without your model though.
  11. @Kualan Like I said before not my final version.
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