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  1. That's wicked sick bro, I love it, about time you released it
  2. That's awesome, I wanna see Darth Vitiate's robes on JKA as well.
  3. Doesn't really matter with me, I always go red.
  4. Looks a little bit like marka ragnos in the face was this a marka ragnos reskin?
  5. If so, then I must apologize, I've been a Star Wars fan since childhood growing up with it till now which I am currently in college, and yes, Darth Sidious is one of my most favorite characters throughout the Star Wars saga besides being a Darth Vader fan since childhood. -The Sith and The Dark Side had always been my Star Wars favorites.
  6. Not a problem, take your time, if you have other important matters to take care of, it's fine.
  7. Can't wait to see how it looks, looking forward to it @
  8. here's the backside if anyone is up for the task. http://sidious8.deviantart.com/art/Darth-Veraal-Backside-495296946
  9. On many art projects that I do, I always give it a lot of detail so that it would stand out like I want it to so that it would feel a little more realistic, I wouldn't mind reskin, but I sure would hope someone would try to take up this task and give it a try.
  10. Well, if it could be reskinned with many possibilities then I guess I saw a few possibilities on spanki's sith robes but I'm not sure with vader's model unless if anyone can give it a try that would be nice I want this Sith Lord to come to life in JKA or maybe even KOTOR.
  11. Thanks I worked really hard trying to figure out the name after "Darth" so that's what I came up with.
  12. Thanks, that's what my nephew who is a die-hard Star Wars fan also says. A matter of fact I wanted him to look a little something like Malak, because Malak looks cool.
  13. This is a player model request for JKA singleplayer and i'm requesting it on behalf of my very own concept sith lord, can anyone do this for JKA? I know it only shows the front of him, but i'll put up the pic of his back soon. Here Is The Link, Comments And Critiques Are Welcome But Please Don't Be Mean. http://sidious8.deviantart.com/art/Darth-Veraal-Dark-Lord-Of-The-Sith-500880942
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