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  1. Obi Wan Kenobi's ROTS saber

    (Please note - This is a re-release and as such some of the readme content is old and outdated)
    This is a HIGH detailed, mostly accurate rendition of the popular lightsaber design. I saw some other variations out there, and they were good. But I knew I could do better since I made a perfect, 1:1 scale digital replica (using lightwave 3D) of my Master Replicas Limited Edition RotS Obi Wan saber. So using that digital replica as a template, I proceded to model a version for Jedi Academy. And I can say that due to limitations , it isn't 100% accurate, but the differences are BARELY noticable. This is without a doubt (belive me, I looked around) The most detailed version of this saber ever released.
    I have included 2 versions of this saber. One with traditional texture mapped "reflection" effect, which I personaly think looks much better. And one version that is reflection mapped for those who prefer that. I think they both look good, but I personaly like the consistant look of the original since the reflection map effect often looks odd and unnatural.


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  2. Episode 3 Blades

    (Please note - This is a re-release and as such some of the readme content is old and outdated)
    Due to feedback, and the fact that I myself was not satisfied with my previous release of this blade pack, I have completely remade the glows for my Episode 3: Revenge of the Sith Lightsaber Blades.
    Most people were unhappy with the sky blue blade, and after a 5th viewing of the movie, I was too. So I have gone back and made the blue closer to what is seen in the film, and also made the glows about 64 pixels thinner. While this introduces a little bit of grainyness, the overall blade looks much better.


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  3. Galactic Warriors Saber Pack

    (Please note - This is a re-release and as such some of the readme content is old and outdated)
    This is a set of custom lightsaber designs I made. For those of you paying attention, yes the Azlon Tir model is my personal saber, and the design of the actual character's saber in the story I am writing (don't expect it anytime soon folks, I havent gotten very far with writing it)
    Anyway, there are 3 single hilts and 1 lightstaff. They all feature spec mapping.
    If you have my high-detail Obi Wan RotS hilt, then you already have support for these in both SP and MP.
    If you find any bugs let me know.


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  4. Phantom Knights Training Academy

    A complete redesign of my Phantom Knights HQ v2 map for Jedi Outcast released on JK3files.com. It is still not a typical “clan map” although I did include the logo this time. I changed the name to suit the logic of the map’s design as a training facility. All the old favorites are there but redesigned: The generator room is a lot bigger and better, the cantina and it’s hilarious tube of death trap are back and better than ever. The research & development room is back and is more elaborate, the armory is back and of course the dueling arena and office are also back and vastly improved. No need for an alarm this time though as the office overlooks the arena. (The arena and office were heavily inspired by Reelo’s arena and office from Jedi Outcast.) The Ranged Combat room is back and has been expanded. Of course the flame trap is still there. Remember, speed and brains get the big gun folks!
    New additions include a ship hangar, main lobby, medical center with “working” bacta tanks. I wanted to have them actually immerse you in liquid but after weeks of experimenting, I couldn’t get it to work right consistently. To use one just stand on the platform and hit the button to lower yourself in and get up to 100 health or you can have one of your friends lower you and 3 of your friends in via the console!
    The generator room (Technically its a plasma refinery) has been expanded to include a reactor core shaft similar to the one on Naboo complete with energy gates designed to hold back dangerous power surges. Of course they have been improved over the ones on Naboo to detect people and allow them through. There are dorm rooms with item pickups, theres a swimming pool and even a shooting range! I actually found the shooting range a little addictive - once the targets start popping back up, it becomes a game of blaster whack-a-mole. The R&D room has a little demo of the cantina trap where you can kill a Jawa for your entertainment. There are also a handful of other NPCs around the map to give it some life. They won’t bother you and shouldn’t get in the way, but if they do, you can kill them.


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