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Neo Dark Ages v3.18 - (Manual Install) 3.18

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| Neo Dark Ages (NDA) Manual - ReadMe

| Website: http://www.ndamod.com

| For NDA version: 3.18

| Last updated: 09/10/2012






It started out as a one man operation to do a simple graphical overhaul for Jedi Academy.

The plan was to throw in some models and maps and just release it as that.

However with the help of Light Ninja and Tobe_One the project started to grow and slowly

developed into something bigger; hopefully we may call this a total conversion once we are done!


Neo Dark Ages is a modification for Jedi Knight:Jedi Academy; this means that you will need a

legal copy of the game Jedi Academy to play this modification.


Please see the end of this document for credits, which I consider to be the most important part.





To install and play NDA manually, follow these simple instructions:

(applies to those that have downloaded a manual instal version of NDA or have accidently installed NDA in the wrong location.)



Remove any previous versions of NDA by simply deleting the "nda" folder and "play_nda.bat" file in JKA's "GameData" folder.

(This step only apply's to those with previous versions of the NDA mod.)


1) Create a folder called "nda" under your JKA Gamedata folder (i.e. c:\games\jedi academy\gamedata\nda)

2) Copy the file named "play_nda.bat" to your "gamedata" folder.

3) Copy the file named "nda_a3XX.pk3" to your newly created "gamedata\nda" folder.


Play (Regular JKA installation):

1) Double-click the "play_nda.bat" icon in your "gamedata" folder to start NDA.

(This .bat file contains the following command: jamp.exe +set fs_game nda)


Play (Steam installation):

1) Right-click on the Jedi Academy listing in your Steam Library and choose Properties --> Set Launch Options

2) In the "Launch Options" window, enter the following command: +set fs_game "nda" --> click "OK" --> "Close"

3) Launch JKA from Steam as you normally would and NDA should start.







|| Third Person Lock


[ Description ]

By default the game reverts to first-person view upon each round start. This feature provides a

toggle that can be used to lock the third-person view.


[ Usage ]

This feature is disabled by default. To enable, either toggle the option to "Yes" in the

"Game Options" menu, or set the cvar named "cg_lockthirdperson" to "1".

NOTE: If this option is used, first-person view will be disabled completely.



|| FOV Unlock (New)


[ Description ]

The Field of View (or FOV) is a setting you can change which determines how much of the map is visible

to you. To change your FOV in JKA, open the console and type "cg_fov 80" (for example). The value of 80

is the default setting and the default max value is 97. NDA increases the max value. Some say a low

FOV will improve your accuracy while others say a high FOV allows more flexibility and improves your



[ Usage ]

Use the console command "cg_fov <value>" to adjust the FoV. For example: cg_fov 80



|| Speedometer


[ Description ]

This feature displays your current player speed in u/s (units per second).


[ Usage ]

This feature is disabled by default and can be enabled by issuing the following CVAR in console:

"cg_speedometer 1" The default setting is "cg_speedometer 0".



|| AutoDemo


[ Description ]

If this feature is enabled it will start a demo recording each round. The demo files will be stored

either in "GameData/base/demos" or "GameData/nda/demos".


[ Usage ]

This feature is disabled by default. To enable, either toggle the option to "Yes" in the "Game Options"

menu, or set the cvar named "cg_allowAutoDemo" to "1". Once enabled, if the command "ndademosave" is

issued before the end of the round, the demo file will be time stamped after the round ends. This command

should be bound to a key for ease of use if you enable this feature. The created demo file will be named

"demox0001.dm_26" temporarily and will be deleted after the round if "ndademosave" is not used. If

"ndademosave" is used, the demo file will be renamed to the current timestamp in the following format:

YYYY-MM-DD-HHmmSS.dm_26. (Y = Year, M = Month, D = Date, H = Hour, m = Minute, S = Second)



|| Scoreboard Time stamp


[ Description ]

At the end of each round, a time stamp is displayed. This is primarily useful to time code a scoreboard



[ Usage ]

This feature is enabled by default and currently cannot be disabled.



|| Vehicle Bug Fix


[ Description ]

This feature fixes the problem with the camera that occurs after spectating a player riding a vehicle.


[ Usage ]

This feature is enabled by default and cannot be disabled.



|| EOF Custom Map Fix


[ Description ]

This will allow you to have more than 3 maps that use custom Siege classes in your base folder at a time.


[ Usage ]

This feature is enabled by default and cannot be disabled. This feature works if the server doesn't have

more than 3 custom maps (containing custom classes), and/or if the server also fixes the EOF problem.



|| Known Issues


Many issues are know within the maps and are currently being improved

please look for updates or newer releases to resolve most issues.



[spectator issue]

Spectator mode "jumps" out of the maps playable area thus redering it unable to "spectate."


[spectator Fix]

Joining the game or reconnecting will fix this problem.



[Trapped PC]

Certain levels require you to stay in specific areas once you have entered them, this is not entirely a glitch but may be perceived as one.


[Trapped PC Fix]

Unfortunately the only sure way out of this would be the command "/kill" or wait to die.



If you would like to inform us of issues not listed here please contact us at

email: info@ndamod.com

or the ndamod.com forums






|| Rideable Horses


[ Description ]

This will allow you to ride many horses as a vehicle.


[ Usage ]

Displayed in certian maps or manually via "npc spawn" command in cheat mode.


Hores Vehicle spawn codes:















(You can chose horse_armor,2,3,4,5 for five different armor styles,

as for the horse skins under the armors, they will be randomly chosen)



|| New Map Game Modes


[ Description ]

A few maps have specific game mode elements and are meant to be played specific ways.


[ Usage ]

NDA - ARENA: Meant for TFFA mode - Choose your class by entering the gate under any class flag.. each

class contains class weapons you may not return to the "class room" until you die.


NDA - TOURNAMENT: Meant for TFFA mode - Map is meant as a different Game Mode within NDA. Players are to

score points in various "mini games" in order to secure a victory for their team. Both teams start with

negative points in order to allow servers to run multiple maps while still allowing the tournament map to

function correctly.


NDA - INFEST ATTACK: Meant for TFFA mode - Map is meant as a different Game Mode within NDA. Players are to

score points by slaying dragons as apposed to the opposite team. Each team gets a similar play area and dragons

to defeat for points.


Many maps contain NPC's and should be considered when playing.





The process for using the NDA dedicated server is much the same as using the base JKA dedicated server.

If you have the NDA client in your gamedata/base folder and create a server using the in-game set up,

the server that is started will be an NDA server.


The process for setting up a dedicated server is very similar. For a Windows dedicated server,

if the NDA pk3 is in the gamedata/base folder, when you start the dedicated server it will be an

NDA server. For a Linux dedicated server, you will need to download the Linux binary and place it

in your base folder. You may want to back up the original binary file (jampgamei386.so).


Please see below for the features and general usage tips.






|| Zombie Mode


[ Description ]

NDA Zombie Mode is a special version of Siege which has a unique set of rules. Most rounds begin with

a single player on the Red team, who is designated the "Zombie". The goal is for the "Zombie" to

"infect" all of the players from the Blue (Survivors) team by killing them. If this mode is enabled,

after the round begins any player who dies on the Blue (Survivors) team will become a "Zombie". The

last player remaining on the Blue (Survivors) team wins that round and begins the next round as the



[ Usage ]

--> To enable, set the g_ndazombie server CVAR to 1. (i.e. g_ndazombie 1) This is disabled by default.

--> Zombie mode only works in the Siege gametype.

--> A round begins once the "Zombie" /kills or switches class. This allows the Blue team time to set

their class and possibly find hiding places.

--> Zombie mode works on any Siege map but is generally the most fun on maps designed for this mode.

--> The following server cvars should be set on the server in order to properly support a Zombie game:

- seta g_siegeRespawn 1 (Typically set to 20 for Siege games, allows for instant respawns.)

- seta g_siegeTeamSwitch 1 (Allows players to switch teams.)

- seta g_debugmelee 1 (Allows enhanced melee, such as wall grabs.)

- seta g_teamForceBalance 0 (Zombie games are almost always going to have an unbalanced number

of players per team.)



|| Public Spec Chat


[ Description ]

NDAmakes chat from spectators viewable to all players currently on the server, instead of only

being able to be seen by other spectators. (NOTE: Spectator _team_ chat is still only viewable

by other spectators.)


[ Usage ]

This feature is enabled by default and cannot be disabled.



|| Exploit Fixes


[ Description ]

The NDA server aims to fix most commonly used and well known exploits. Several of the most

common and dangerous exploit fixes are implemented in this version, with more planned for

future versions. _Some_ of the exploit fixes include:


>> callvote exploit

>> forcestring exploit

>> /say exploit

>> fakeplayer exploit


[ Usage ]

Exploit proection cannot be disabled.



|| Other Settings


>> g_ndablacknames : Allow players to use the color black in their names



|| Gameplay


Classic Gameplay elements


Player vs NPC durring certian MP levels.



|| Credits


NOTE: This mod literally would not be possible without the following people. We are _very_ grateful

for their extremely patient help, code snippets and suggestions. If we're missing anyone, holler!!


[ NDA team and contributors credits ]

>> Founder:



>> 2D Designs & Texture Artists:



>> Environment Artists:






>>3D Artists:


Inyri Forge


>> Music Artists:



>> Programmers:




>> Retired/Inactive Artists:



[Other credits ]


>> The dudes at #jacoders, especially:


>> Scooper

>> Didz

>> Xycaleth

>> Raz0r

>> BobaFett

>> TrippHop

>> eezstreet


>>Music Credits

>>Certain levels contain music not created by the staff, we do not and will not take credit for

their creation and these songs will be replaced by that of our own RascHu in future updates.


>>Any content that may not have been mentioned is owned by it's creator and we take no part in

it's creation unless it has strickly come from an NDA DEV member.


>> Gamall @ http://gamall-ida.com

>> All the contributors in the following thread at Lucasforums: http://lucasforums.c...ad.php?t=140104

>> All contributors, testers and users of the mod in general



|| Disclaimer





The authors/contributors of this mod are not (and cannot be held) responsible for any damages done to your

computer/data or any other unintended results from using this software. It is tested and used by the author(s)

to hopefully avoid any problems, but, ultimately... !!USE THIS SOFTWARE AT YOUR OWN RISK!! You may not

use any assets contained in this mod (or related files) separately without explicit consent from the

author(s) involved; unless clearly specified in this document. You are free to distribute this file

(and support files) as long as they are done so in their entirety, and include this unmodified readme

document. We reserve the right to modify and/or remove this mod from circulation.

Any extra content provided within this mod overlooked or otherwise is owned by it's rightful owner, we take no credit in it's creation.


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