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  1. Thanks a lot for the response @Noodle! It's for multiplayer. Essentially all I want to do is 'duplicate' the both_run1 animation from the base animation.cfg so that I have a new run animation to edit, but still maintain the old one. The new animation is complete, I just can't move with it. I run on the spot, and 'W', 'A', 'S' and 'D' have no influence on it. Would that be done in the dark depths of the code somewhere?
  2. Alright so, I’m either missing something or this just isn’t possible. But I feel like it is having seen other animations work similarly. I’ve created a new run animation but I don’t want it to replace one of the games default run animations. I’ve got it to loop in the animation.cfg. I’ve replaced another animation (not a both_run or something similar) but a custom animation that allowed you to walk and run with that animation in play. However, my animation just runs on the spot. Obviously if I replace both_run with my animation, it works. If anyone could take the time to explain what I’m missing here I’d greatly appreciate it. I literally cannot find any info on this and I’ve search just about everywhere I can think of. In short, is it possible to create a new run/walk animation without replacing a default? Many thanks!
  3. Awesome! Does this essentially allow modders to do what they do with the blender plugin but in 3DS Max instead?
  4. Does anyone have a JKA version of this model? I'm looking for the version that uses the JK3 skeleton. I was sure that one exists, aside from the JK2 version which is all I can find on jkfiles. Thanks in advance!
  5. I think I'll have to go back to 3DS Max, I have no idea how to do that in blender and I'm sure it has something to do with the export of the .glm (lack of tick boxes etc). I'm not even sure it has smoothing groups applied to it, I can't seem to find them anyhow. I've spent days trying to figure this out with absolutely no progress. Probably time to jack it in!
  6. Maybe that is the issue then. I'm using the blender tutorial (http://jkhub.org/topic/4905-frankensteining-with-blender/) and avoiding carcass, assimilate, root.xsi etc completely. Due to the simplicity of the tutorial and my lack of time to weigh a model these days I find it the perfect solution, aside from this irritating issue. I was trying to find a way of exporting to .xsi through blender but there doesn't seem to be a script. EDIT:// So I did a little more re-search and found this: http://www.katsbits.com/tutorials/idtech/what-are-smooth-groups-and-mesh-smoothing-on-models.php It seems to be exactly the problem I am having. The problem is, if I edge split the verts and export it I'm well over the 1000 limit. Blender is doing something odd on export that is causing it to recieve bad lighting and shading.
  7. Nope! The "head" and "head_face" are still separated into two different meshes like in the original model. I tried to flip the normals after doing a ton of research but that doesn't seem to be doing anything either. It has to be a model issue because literally nothing has changed in the skin/shader files. Thanks for your continued help Pysk0, much appreciated.
  8. Well, all the verts are welded together. Should they be separate then? I separated them and exported but this then gave me an error that suggested the modified mesh now exceeded the limit of the amount of verts/face you are allowed on any given mesh.
  9. Are you referring to when I compiled the .glm from 3DS Max? I didn't because it is a mash up of two previously released models. Perhaps you are right then about them being welded back together when I imported the .glm into Blender. However, I believe the polygons are already split as I'm seeing lots of triangles as per usual. Maybe I'm not following!
  10. Somehow you made an Ithorian look pretty! Great attention to detail. Awesome!
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