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IDEA: Slight Changes To Be Canon


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So as you know, this game isn't part of the new canon. This is what I propose - change parts of the game to fit within the new universe. So here we go!





Jedi Knight





The game is set some time after the events of Episode 9. The player controls Kyle Katarn. On Nar Shaddaa, Katarn meets with an information broker droid named 8t88 who tells Katarn that his father, Morgan Katarn, was killed by a Dark Jedi named Jerec. After a lengthy firefight, Kyle retrieves a disk from 8t88 that can only be read by WeeGee, the Katarn's family droid. The disk's message, coupled with WeeGee giving Kyle a lightsaber, compel Kyle to undertake a journey to confront his father's murderers and discover his own latent Force abilities. While on this journey, Kyle learns that seven Dark Jedi are intent on finding the "Valley of the Jedi", a focal point for the Force and sacred ground for the Jedi.


Katarn retrieves the Valley's location and travels with close friend Jan Ors to Ruusan, the planet on which the Valley is located. Jerec captures Ors and offers Katarn the choice to execute her or die. The decision Katarn makes here depends on the player's actions within the game up to this point. If Katarn has fallen to the dark side he kills Ors, but if he has remained true to the light path he spares her. With both paths, Katarn has a final confrontation with Jerec in the Valley of the Jedi's core. If the player chose the dark path, the game ends with Katarn becoming the new Emperor; if the player chose the light side, the game concludes with Katarn being reunited with Ors and carving a monument to Rahn and his dead father.






Years have past since the destruction of the First Order. The galaxy knows peace for the first time in decades.


In an attempt to disrupt this newly found peace, a new faction has risen - the DARK JEDI. Their leader, JEREC, seeks the legendary VALLEY OF THE JEDI.


Within this lost battleground he will find untold power to destroy peace and justice in the galaxy....



- Dropping Kyles Death Star plans history if mentioned at all, and dark forces is dropped from the title.


- Any troopers and officers etc will be First Order instead of Empire.


- Any mention of the Empire will be switched to First Order.


So yeah, stuff like this.

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Also, if you think about it, the game takes place SO SHORTLY after RotJ to where the stormtroopers were probably the same as well as using the term Galactic Empire had not yet changed.


IMO the movies make it seem like the first order came quite some time later. I wouldn't wanna ruin a classic game by changing it to matching the new cannon which frankly isn't that great anyway.

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