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Allowing more Menu and Button Memory

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Does anyone know how to allow for more space for buttons and menus?  I just added a menu and it was working fine, but it was about 125 buttons and I have 4 menus just like it, but since I finished this one, my game freezes on menus after the game loads and you try to open any menu.  I've double checked, and it isn't a code issue with that menu, because when I take another out, it works fine.  So, it must be a button or menu limit in the games code.  I've changed all sorts of numbers but can't seem to find the one that will help.  Sorry, I know that's not a lot to go on.

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(Sorry, but I couldn't resist  :D)



If I understand correctly, you have 4 menus that have 125 buttons, right? That's way too much. A good menu needs to be straightforward, well structured and easy to use. It's not the amount of button that counts.

The more buttons you have, the more complicated it gets for the user. Just balance it out. Try to reduce the amount by removing stuff you think aren't really necessary,


Could you show us an example of how your menu looks like? Maybe we can help you and give you advises.

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It's for character menus.  Not random stuff.  I'm messing around with a combo of KotF and OpenJK and some other stuff.  I just like making my own levels and playing so I have about 700 characters in my game now and made menus that list all the characters alphabetically, good guys first, then bad.  And a menu for giving and spawning every weapon and item type.  But yeah, I figured it out.  Can't remember what I changed, it's been like 2 weeks since I got it working, just haven't been online.  But yeah, I know it's not the norm to be working with that kind of stuff.  Haha.

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