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Weapon effects


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The effects subsystem in the game is not very well optimized from a coding standpoint. This is most evident when compiled in a debug build - it relies heavily on compiler optimizations to not slow the game down hardcore. Perhaps I can take a look at it sometime and see what can be improved.


In the meantime, we need some effects for specific things that aren't shown in the game - water for when an ATST lifts its feet out of water, a splash effect for ATST feet landing in water, DEMP2 conducting electricity through water, and perhaps some other things that I am missing.

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Ok... well, I have some awesome FX plugins for 3dsMax: glu3D for water FX, Afterburn & FumeFX for fire, smoke, explosions, etc. If you have some parameter to know the water depth we can vary the effect... Big puddle versus 1 foot deep, etc.

Not sure if this helps, but the water in question is the stuff on yavin_canyon.

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