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Letterbox effect in scripted cutscenes?

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First post (topic), but already a problematic one.

I wish to understand how to remove the aforementioned letterbox in Icarus scripting.

I looked into some of the scripts supplied with SDK and most of them start with camera fade command. My guess that's the letterbox, but sadly, removing it, saving and recompling the script does not make an difference in-game (of course I put it into .pk3 file with all the folder structure)

Is it already pre-arranged like that in JKA when invoking camera commands all scripted cutscenes must have this letterbox or am I missing something?


I don't presume I can script cutescenes or such. I merely need to remove those black bars for some video editing (machinima) I plan to do. I need to recompile all scripted cutscenes.

Help me out buddies.


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I think the letter black bars on top and down of movie are pretty hardcoded into the code and this require code hack. the fade simply create dissolvance effect of the camera (transition effect by total black screen to normal video screen... fade it's used for making dissolveces inside the cinematics ) , no affecting that.

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If you set cg_draw2D to 0 then the letterbox bars don't get drawn.

That did it. Thanks frien'.

On the side note: so it seems letterbox bars must be a texture after all, since it can be removed by that command... which removes all 2D things (not only HUD but also saber flares etc.). Just a simple black texture, hmmm.... whatever.

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