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  1. redsaurus's post in Problems with swapping from single to dual sabers mid-game was marked as the answer   
    I put up a fix I'd looked at a while back for using the saber menu in-game "recently": https://github.com/JKEnhanced/OpenJK/commit/5f3ab22f9ffba0a888e478c3e95e2bf0ba77437b
    I don't know if it will help with all of the issues seen but it should have dealt with the previously known issues with switching away from dual sabers.
  2. redsaurus's post in Letterbox effect in scripted cutscenes? was marked as the answer   
    If you set cg_draw2D to 0 then the letterbox bars don't get drawn.
  3. redsaurus's post in Changing Height of a player was marked as the answer   
    This scripting tutorial by MoonDog might be useful: http://jkhub.org/tutorials/article/148-icarus-scripting/
  4. redsaurus's post in Html customised date was marked as the answer   
    rdateshould just be
    new Date();not
    new Date().toString();
  5. redsaurus's post in costum textcrawl was marked as the answer   
    yeah, I was going to look at this kind of stuff next - I think your problem is just that you need to put it in a pk3, otherwise the default one is loaded
  6. redsaurus's post in Target_Speaker (Once?) was marked as the answer   
    You could alternatively target the concealed switch at a target_deactivate which then uses the trigger_once.
  7. redsaurus's post in What's wrong with tie_bomber.md3 was marked as the answer   
    sp is hardcoded so that tie_bomber.md3 misc_model_breakables always have the 'only damaged by heavy weapons' flag which might be the problem?
    once it's spawned you can probably use an icarus script setting SET_DMG_BY_HEAVY_WEAP_ONLY false to work around that
  8. redsaurus's post in Can't find File Submission Rules was marked as the answer   
    The link is in pretty tiny text in the bottom right corner
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