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Openjk on Raspberry Pi


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@@jakub742 just did this a while ago, he could probably help you out and I know @@capturesteve has as well.


You'll want to cross compile it (the official raspberry pi website recommends following this tutorial to install a vm ubuntu and compile there), Raspberian is a Debian based linux so it should be basically the same as compiling on a debian based distribution of linux.

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I've compiled the whole MP codebase on an RPi before, but only successfully ran the dedicated server with jampgame and confirmed it working online.

So you were able to get around the issue that @@capturesteve ran into with the server not being visible on the network?




OP, if you change your mind on cross compiling, the instructions to build OpenJK on the pi are in the link above.

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pi@raspberrypi:~ $ cd jediacademy/

pi@raspberrypi:~/jediacademy $ ./openjk.arm 

OpenJK-MP: v1.0.1.0 linux-arm Mar  1 2016

----- FS_Startup -----

Current search path:


./base/assets3.pk3 (16 files)

./base/assets2.pk3 (62 files)

./base/assets1.pk3 (8320 files)

./base/assets0.pk3 (15346 files)




23744 files in pk3 files

execing mpdefault.cfg

couldn't exec openjk.cfg

couldn't exec autoexec.cfg

----- Initializing Renderer ----

Trying to load "rd-vanilla_arm.so" from "."...

QKEY found.

SDL using driver "x11"

Initializing display

Display aspect: 1.771

...setting mode 4: 800 600

^3WARNING: Couldn't get window display index, no resolutions detected: Invalid window

...ERROR: no display modes could be found.


tty]Segmentation fault

pi@raspberrypi:~/jediacademy $ 
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