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The not-so hairless harpy: Dark Disciple Asajj Ventress + her new saber hilt

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HelloJKHubbers, here is Indy' Totof !


I'm posting here another request concerning one of the major characters of the show The Clone Wars that will - maybe - make a final appareance in the upcoming Dark Disciple novel (which is canon) : Asajj Ventress.


I know some models/skins of her already exist but... not this particular one. 


I really want her in a realistic way and this picture can make us an idea of a "realistic Ventress with blonde/platine hairs":






Here is the official assets for her, which can be used to make different version of her: with the glasses, dathomiran bow clipped to the metal piece, no glasses but dathomirian bow clipped, only glasses, neither one nor the other (her dathomirian bow as a separate model will be a nice addition)  :




Here is a more closer look to the symbol in the blue metal thingy on her left arm:




And here is a more close look of her new lightsaber hilt (and you can compare it to the one in the Ventress' assets). It's the right-up cylindric thingy :





Thanks for all JKHubers ! You're awesome !

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I've always wanted to do an Asajj Ventress model, but a realistic version as there was never a GOOD realistic Asajj model.


Some of her outfits from that series would work but I wouldn't wanna make it match the animation style of the show, realistic would be most interesting.

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