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Here are some new pic!



These are prototypes for the masked version I'm not sure if ill use this head or not.




I'm not sure if I want to use Luke hood(above), or this the reborn hood(below). What do you guys think?






I tried using the Luke head and hair. At first I though it was going to work, but his chin and nose were to short, and the hair was to big. I do think that the hood looks good on him. I also tried the Anakin, his chin and nose were good, but his forehead and eyebrows didn't look right. So I tried the Jaden male head. Tell me what you think!  

This pics looks highly impressive.

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Hey guys, I need a pic of the reborn armor back, if someone in SWTOR could get me a shot that would be great! And thinks for the support! 



Good job! I tried to get the original revan outfit and failed. 


Btw. do you mean the back with the cape or the normal back? I have a screenshot of Revan's first robe that might help ya.

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