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Staff and Special Attacks

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So, I need some suggestions. I'm not quite sure how to handle saber staff in the new saber system or how to do special attacks. In base SP staff is pretty overpowered because it hits as hard as strong style. And special attacks are a little tricky in the new system. Also, on the whole, I'm trying to follow the motto of keeping things relatively simple and not too drastic as far as changes go from the default system.


What I have so far:


- Attack strength is properly tied to staff style now, as opposed to the saber hilt having the twoHanded property.

- Staff style is power level 4 (medium is 3, red/desann is 5, medium is your offense level + 0, red is +2 for example), I figure the wide two-handed palms-down motions of staff would add a little more gusto to the attacks

- Staff does damage during transitions like strong/desann


Special Attacks

- have power level 5 strength

- rather than adding to a break counter like standard attacks they act a little different

- if the attack is strong enough, it breaks their defense out right

- otherwise the attack is blocked


Maybe... special attacks cause a longer stagger than other moves. And they react to being blocked differently than a standard attack. Ideally I don't want them to be too cheap (I want regular slashes to be important), but I want them to still be useful. Any ideas?

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Maybe if the special is blocked it could send the opponent flying backward and knock them down. That way they are a little vulnerable, but able to roll to avoid attacks.

Or set it that if the first couple of hits land this happens, but if the last few hits have more breakthrough defense power.


The idea being that if you special an opponent they have to do a hail-mary dodge to avoid it, but if they run into it they are in big trouble.

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Big-picture wise, I think I will keep specials roughly as they are (the it-breaks or it-doesn't type deal), and then later on play testing more differences can be ironed out.




I think you're on to something with the multiple hit thing though. This would make sense for katas and moves like the staff and duals saber twirls. Perhaps blocking these attacks would act kind of like pseudo-blocking strong style in the normal saber system as in, the defender's guard would not be crushed and they would be able to technically parry/block, but the attacker would not actually be interrupted at all, so the defender only can completely defend glancing blows, but a solid hit still powers through.


Other thoughts:

Do special attacks need an extra advantage, or is the "offense level + 1" combined with a few small unique properties enough? (I think it is because you don't want normal swings to be too much weaker).


Should different special attacks act largely the same as each other like they do in base? Or should different attacks have different properties such as damage, guard-breaking ability, etc.?

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