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Star wars bounty hunter 2 recruitment


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Now that I have a few wookie braids on my shoulder, I have decided to undertake the Bounty Hunter sequel.

It's a large project and a lot of work, most of it falling on myself.

But I need you!

It will feature as many weapons and tools as I can fit that the infamous bounty hunter, Boba Fett uses to capture bounties and destroy his employer's enemies.

I will make new maps and animations, enemies rivals and bounties, now that the fett is complete.


Who I'm looking for to complete the hunt:

coders. One or two, must be competent at weapon creation and other mechanics

menu designers

scripters and perhaps some mappers.


This will be about twelve levels long and if I can get some of the required people in I'll say more as too what the features are.

If you have ever played bounty hunter, that is the style I am going for.

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I'm not a coder or anything, but I recommend starting small. Try to just finish one or two levels, and release a small demo. It will encourage others to join, and prevent the jedi from taking ovah this project.

Oh Ony you never change :) 

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That's a fine idea but really I need a coder or two before even starting. I could make some levels to show off the feel of the game, though. Their will be no jedi in this project to take ovah.

What do you want the coder to do more specifically?

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Mainly to do with weapons really.

I want to make weapons that are only used by the player, knee darts,  tracking jetpack rocket,wrist-darts, wrist-laser, wrist-rocket.

His jetpack to work more like force jump, with a fuel meter.

The rangefinder to go down with some weapons, like when locking on to targets with the wrist rocket/ jetpack rocket.

I've got two surfaces for the rangefinder one up one down, I've also split the jetpack rocket from the jetpack in preparation for these sort of features.

Perhaps ledge climbing and cover vaulting, and real first person view, like in mb2.

Hope that's sensical and answers your questions. If not ask more. I am a complete novice with coding.  

Stellar work on Jedi Knight Galaxies by the way.

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I wasn't aware there was any "programmation" involved in skinning, but I'm sure he could use some skinning help.

Probably means things like shaders, species support, etc, so the more technical aspects of it

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Thanks barricade :)

I hope it isn't like academy by the time I've finished, scum, villianry, bounties and alien monsters, a darker theme and no lightsabers. Not one.

Your support is good enough, I'm not sure of your skill set but I will ask for help if your up to it.

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