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A concepts section?

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I was sketching a few robes and lightsaber hilts in Photoshop earlier and it got me to wondering why we don't have a concept design section.  Usually people just jump straight into the modeling and what not but I really believe that this thing would be a lot more clear and decisive if there were concepts that we could all look at.


For example:

Say i designed robes for some characters, wouldn't it be a lot easier for me to sketch out a few concepts and then we all agree what could be improved and what could be stricken altogether?  It would save a lot of time modeling only to have people not even like the design.  We want this thing to be perfect right?  And let's face it, who better to ask than the people wanting to play this?


The concepts don't need to be perfect professional standards as long as the statement is made and understood.  I've just been noticing that there aren't many concept designs at all.


I really see this opening up new horizons i mean we could even re-make the characters if we wanted to.  I've been a pencil artist for about 15 years, just today i drew a lightsaber and then made a 3D model of it from my sketch.


So what do you guys think?

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Yeah though I'm posting a lot more progress pictures than drafts... Also today I'm going to re-update the first post again with all the progress I've made so far. Nice Idea though, if anyone wants to take the concept and maybe try on his own... or fix something.
Anyway, my concepts haven't got too nice lines, but they show just the important details that are later seen and used on my model, especially the shape.. or overall look of the saber, I dunno how to put it really. I also know some drawing techniques and I could do them a whole lot better, I've been going to a course in primary school for 4 years, where we drew sketches, plans for various objects out of metal, wood and such, and later also realized them. Though I want just to get an Idea, a bit different design than the originals, so I doubt I'll be putting any more effort into those. It would be a whole different story if I wanted to make real-life counterparts... but that doesn't really help me modding JKA so, no. :D

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