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OpenJK crashed ???


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Since Jedi Academy itself is Open Source, OpenJK is no less insecure. To the contrary, exploits are actively being fixed while nobody patches Jedi Academy itself anymore.


Find out how your server got crashed (e.g. by running a packet sniffer) and relay that information to the OpenJK team and I'm sure they'll fix it.

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There are two parts to the bug fixes in OpenJK: the engine and the gamecode.

Were you running OpenJK engine with base/JA+ gamecode?


Is there really nothing that we can do to stop that loser from ruining the game?

Give us as much information as possible related to the crash so we can fix it.
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How can we do a packet sniffer?

I totally got no experience or understandings of coding and such so. :/


But I would like to help you guys with getting the stuff fixed. We don't know anything about how the server got crashed, every client in the server randomly gets Connection Interrupted and yes we are using OpenJK + JA+ together.

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The stupidity of OpenJK is that it is open source which makes it easier for that douchebag to hack JKA further as he pleases.

Is there really nothing that we can do to stop that loser from ruining the game?

This is a very arrogant claim to be making.  The Jedi Academy source is open, we cannot choose to make OpenJK closed, its against the license.  Security through obscurity doesn't make it that much harder.  TnG was hacking servers long before.


The real issue is, using the closed source mod still which is not being maintained and likely is the areas that are being exploited.  This is just a guess because there is no information provided to know what they did.

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