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  1. Xyclaeth and Ensiform I got some business ideas I Will discuss with you in private (Free-wise) On IRC
  2. Major versions should be kept for major changes like the ones posted above. .1 decimals for smaller bugfixes .01 decimals for bugfixes affecting the bugfixes above etc?
  3. Shadzy

    Master Server

    This sounds right!! One thing to note is that.......... never-mind, not bothered to say in-case its misinterpreted by morons who took it down in the first place
  4. FFA because thats how you replicate star wars
  5. Haven't you heard the word?? All Jedi take 3 hours to become Jedi grand masters hahahaa
  6. Whatever happens I am in 2 minds about interviewing slider. Better judgement says no, but if we are filling interviews.....
  7. Would love an interview with someone in the game dev world and how you would get thier opinion on JKA, if they had one that is! Like devs or others who help into other kinds of games or something?
  8. Dope other than the game server, what else would you need out of the VPS?? If you need someone who you want to setup the server with JA++ and openjk for you, I can help with a good provider I know and have been using for some time! Where would you like the server/vps located?
  9. Replacing the jamp.exe Renaming existing one to jamp.exe.old and grabbing openjkx86 and renaming to jamp.exe should work because UU just looks for an exe in default location, worked with me when I tried it many moons ago!
  10. Shadzy

    Mac OS X Builds

    Does it take a lot of effort for these kind of OS's are does it require active developers?
  11. Dont be tempted to turn off UAC just to play this game, as there are ways around it! Compatibility mode to Win 7, plus run as administrator, should do it most of the time!!! (Or Openjk )
  12. Mog PM me for assistance been running into windows 8 issues since 2 weeks ago, anything in the way I can help, post here so I can assist and ofc WB!
  13. Muchos appreciated Xyca, please post here if possible when you have done so
  14. Morabis did this require any additional dependencies as well as SDL?
  15. TPM because of that Darth Maul and that green saber not used by Yoda, stupid JediKnight racism that green people c an only use green sabers xD
  16. This release definitely ushered in a new age I am one for Open-Source community efforts, especially for things like this as it does drive it forward and often add a new dimension to applications that were considered "fruitless". I would like to personally Thank OpenJK and the people who work hard at it. Their efforts do not go to waste and I bet if there was a stat that could track number of people running OpenJK and users who play JKA, it would have definitely increased!!! Muchos Gracios from me and EFF!
  17. This looks nice, and a smaller project that would revitialise your spirits!! That model of Arnie looks awesome!!! @@Vulcan Interested?
  18. A shame to hear this DT85, I was keeping up with your progress here with what you were doing, its sad to see how it could turn out like this! As Moondog says, you can take away with it skill that can be used and adopted elsewhere on the net!! This community does have a skewed ratio of programmers/modders to users, which can discourage developers from continuing work like this (I am a user as well, so I am part of the problem) How about taking on something that can take your mind off of it DT85? Like another kind of modding/programing!
  19. I was then i stopped because Social networks are a giant waste of life!
  20. I liked it tbh but well when it can't compete what can you do!!!!
  21. Dusty that is right re OEM version! 64bit will make use of more than 4GB RAM, and its encouraged to have to cater for upgrades to hardware upgrades (easier to do on their own, rather than new machine) Im not sure if Windows 7 is an investment anymore, but with this Start menu coming to 8.1, maybe an investment can be made to 8.1 which makes more sense!
  22. Shadzy

    New Staff

    @@eezstreet You finally levelled up from One Word Suggestion!!! Congrats!!! @@Barricade24 Well done man!
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