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Something I did last night but fell asleep before I could post the pics XD




A decent start


so far im at


1730 tris

917 verts


I plan on doing plenty more to it, and having a few different variants. im digging my new topo skills. This whole mod goes to show what you can do with just some google and some patience 


He will look decent once I get some torn alpha map loin cloths and extra alpha mapped dread locks going. Once I get those "antlers" on him, he should look more accurate as well. I will be adjusting his head size and body shapes to the refs better when I get home, Im just a lil busy atm


I can't wait to sculpt this guy. I am really going to play off the pasel colors of Felucia liek the ref pics and play off the shadows and shadow maps as much as pssible to get the details to really stand out since this engine might kinda blur some of that together a bit otherwise

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In fairness to Chalk on this one...these guys are ugly as fuck, and have no real facial symmetry, so I'm not sure how much free-handing he can avoid.

the side is not that bad but the front view is messed up !



just some quick paint overs for your reference  , might help to get the shape right

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according to the refs thats exactly whats going on


@@therfiles.. I think it will be cool once I get some color variations and some different masks. I just think it's cool that if you spin the model around it shows the felucians face, as in tfu the masks were a bit better fitting and you never really saw behind them. should tunr out cool. For 2 days work I can't complain


Then I have to make the armor and mask for the shaman version.


This is obviouldy just my first attempt at painting him. I have him saved with just the skin tone. I will go back and do a bit better job with the drips and smears soon.


I still need straps for his mask






See how you can see his eyes through the mask? Should be cool if I make them glow


disregard the straps in his stomache I was playing around with brushes and decided I would rather just extract them in Softimage

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