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there is the low poly mesh in texture decal mode. I kinda screwed up the shadows so I will go back and render a few more out and try to get it all a bit more defined but it came out like almost exactly like the zbrush model with everything all baked together








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To be honest thing this is pretty low quality at it's lowest subdivision. It's at a low enough count that I will leave it at second lowest and go through and manually delete the unused edge loops. I just really am being a hog on the verts at the end product is why some things look wonky. I will see what I can do if it is that much better.


I resized him anyway so I need to go back a few steps so it works out perfectly 









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you know what? I just tried that and to be honest it didn't help much at all it would need to be really broke down to be able to match even the shadows I already have baked in. I will keep messing with it though. I think it did a pretty good job at sticking with it do you mean the details in the face or body or what? 


Oh and to answer your question yeah it is subdivided too many times it would be a monster


Here is what I have with the low poly mesh so far






The reason I sculpt it all out is to make texturing easier and to get normal maps for future use

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Well I went and took some ref pics and it would seem I have the head completely screwed. I will start over with the head for the most part. The body isnt exactly matched up either, but I want the little arm to function and I like it looking like this. I will fix the head though



ref pics








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Ill make those slight adjustments today. Not too worried about the textures though.


That's a main reason Im having these contests is because I blow ass at textyring and don't even want to waste my time on it right now. I'll lay down a good base texture and let everybody have at it.


Thanks for the lookout on his nose, I never saw one lol

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Yeah he's pretty ug


MY main concern, is if I go any more by the refs.. he will look as if he were drawn in crayon by a 5 year old. I will keep it like this with SOME sort of human-esque features, and just go from there. I don't want these to look like the blurry gooey blobs of shit that they do in the ref pics

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I fixed up the back of the legs (don't know how I forgot that) and adjusted the arms a bit but I really want to keep the tentacles like I have them so it looks decent ingame holding weapons.





I wasn't really planning on this being exactly "accurate" XD just functioning


I figured I could rig his hige arm tentacle up to his forearm and the suction cup up to the wrist? so it moved around with the bottom arm? what do you think?

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