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Anarmar is the central planet in the second part of the Dark Pastime plot and includes several large and smaller maps. Up to now it is probably the largest and most complex mission in the game.

Anarmar is a large semi-ecumenopolis city, built centuries ago. Started as a farm colony with several arcologies, it was later converted into a ring of cities and urban agglomerations, that were eventually united as one single city-state. Due to its form and location it was known to many as a ring-city, that is situated to the South of the equator of the planet with the same name. The city includes a lot of banking and commercial areas, gardens, museums, leisure areas and beaches, residential districts as well as industrial quarters. Being far from the center of the Universe, it was under strict Imperial control during the reign of Palpatine. After the battle for Endor it became an independent planet, led by a Prime Minister. However more and more people believe, that in reality Anarmar fell into the arms of the powerful Areem Corporation, that has lobbyists in the government as well as control over local police and military.

After certain events in the previous missions you are asked to meet someone on Anarmar. This contact of yours has valuable data regarding the suspects you've been investigating, and this information is here - on this planet. However someone hired mercenaries to eliminate you... And someone else is watching all your actions, also trying to prevent you from achieving your goals...

01. Anarmar Spaceport

When we just started creating the first maps of Anarmar back in 2005 or so, spaceport included just 2 hangars, that were linked to the city area via a corridor. But later the situation changed, and now it's a large spaceport with massive cargo warehouses, hangars, landing plats and other things.

This map also has a lot of action and is the starting point in bringing the player to the main plot on Anarmar.

02. Anarmar City

This area is the most diverse in what you can actually do in this mission. It's also - I believe - quite well decorated, with many tall buildings, fountains, shops, speeders running in the area and far above in the skies. Also avenues and seaside street with many NPCs wondering around, including new aliens and droids.


Besides the common talks with ordinary citizens here and there, you'll engage some enemies right in the streets. Beware not to hurt the innocent locals, while participating in fights!

We are working on adding two sidequests to this level.

This map went through a change, so we removed the daytime and placed the whole city some hours before nightfall. I guess it adds much more to the whole look of the map. However you can still see the original version below.

03. Ridduay Hotel

This level might prove to be very dull for ones and quite interesting for others. It has less action, unlike the previous maps, and it's more of a detective story, where you learn terrible truth about your current goal step by step. The whole area has lots of secret places, dozens of curious patrons and more.

This level includes an additional sidequest.


04. Areem Corporation Headquarters

This map is yet to be complete. But we've created a lot of new textures and new characters for this level. Also this mission introduces completely new NPC enemies and a new faction in DP. I believe, it's obvious enough which one exactly.

05. Areem Corporation Warehouse

While all previous maps take place in luxurious and warm surroundings near seaside, hotels, shops and nice skyscrapers with gardens, this level is absolutely nothing alike. In this warehouse you achieve the final point in your latest investigation.

Notice: some of these maps may or may not include more than one map/consist of two parts.

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Thanks a lot for your response! To tell the truth, Anarmar is one of my favourite planets, that I've ever created. Just like some other locations it was originally created for my stories (Star Wars fanon), and is featured in several comics. I guess, I will publish them one day. =)


I think, most people have already seen

about Anarmar. Again, it's the old version of the level, when there were fewer NPCs, shaders, effects and scripts.
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I agree completely on the aspect of animation, and we thought that through many times. The problem is that among our team members - we're mot specialists in this :) Olgo created quite interesting animations for some of the new NPCs (that are not humanoids!), but we need more. 


I even created a list of animations, drew them on sheets and I was ready to send them to those, who can actually create new animations for JA. I contacted several people, but to no avail. I'll be creating a special thread for these things, where we'll be asking people to help us out with animation or other things.


I really like the nice city atmosphere of the map, you get the feeling that the city's alive, can imagine all the sounds, the ships and the NPCs and of course the music (like seen in the video). Reminds of Taris from KotOR, I like the silver and blue style :)

Well, thanks! As I said before, Anarmar looks very different now, and perhaps it's for the best. Some of the members, who left the team years ago, were a bit surprised to see the new look of the familiat city. But I think it's designed much better now, with new skies, lights and shaders. Also new NPCs, locations and other things.


Of course it can remind of Taris, though this similarity is rather coincidental, as I created Anarmar years ago before KOTOR. It had very different look of course, but still I believe that KOTOR was an inspiration to create the story, but at a later stage of modding. =)



I really am amazed at how many distinct looks you've built across all these different maps. Each one is representative of its own world rather than more of the same, and this level is by far my favorite. The cityscape, the the colors, the statues. Marvelous skills no doubt.

We appreciate that. And I am glad, that you've noticed, that the planets in DP are very different in style, design, objects, characters and general atmosphere. In JA most locations felt almost the same way, well except maybe Tatooine and Yavin IV - all others were either Imperial-like worlds or copied the above mentioned Tatooine and Yavin. I am not saying, that they had nothing special about them, but as it was stated in one of the threads - there is so much that JA could show us, but it didn't.


I think, it was Circa saying, that he also missed the appearance of the Hutts in JA. Me too, so we have one level with a Hutt in our mod too.

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