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so heres a rough draft of how the geometry and texturing will look on the tie fighter. im gunna build high res models like that wingnut, render some maps, then lower the res of the model and use it as textures. too bad we dont have bump maps for real this would work real nice








hey does anybody know if i take some small geometry in xsi, and move the light to the right a bit to cast shadows like this...



and then made me a rendermap of the shadows, then moved the right to the left slightly like this




and did the same and made that my spec map if i would have decent results?

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i saw the base one to look rather different than the tfu ones... here lemme try and find some refs and we'll see what i mean. besides the basic retexturing the thing was a bit wider in jka and taller and thinner in tfu imo. besides that, i wanted to model a little fighter inside the window for one variant like this...



just a plane with a few cuts no real biggie but it looks cool if u turn the tie fighter left and right kinda looks like theres a lil dude in there. now i just gotta texture the inside and make him a real low poly plane of a back of a chair behind him to help with the depth illusion


heres jka vs tfus ties








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More important, the model doesn't look very accurate to be honest. Try to gather as many reference pictures and blueprints as you can before starting anything. There's not point in doing something that's already done if you're not going to do it a lot better. In you case is not a matter of skill, you need to pay more attention to accuracy. If you want to carry on just because you want to model something, know yourself out, I won't try to convince you otherwise. If you want an honest opinion, I wouldn't use that model to replace the current tie fighter in game.

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i was thinking last night of remodelling the sphere you may have convinced me lol sounds good to me. also, i noticed the bars on the wings werent accurate instead of one fat bar it should be two skinny ones. i been paying closer attention i definately will fix the bars on the wings and most likely will convince myself to start the sphere over tonight. theres no crude or hurtful opinions dude ill try to honor your guys's crits a bit more if ive displayed otherwise in the past. id rather u be blunt and save muh mod then let me release something i probably could have done better on. i do rush a lot ill try to slow down a bit while looking at the refs. thx corto

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I really like how you take my opinion, If I didn't want you to improve I would give you a thumbs up all the time and let you think you're the best. Instead, I prefer to tell my side of the truth and push you to improve. Start by searching proper blueprints, then create a folder and get as many reference pictures as you can. Once you're saturated with pictures start the modeling.

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it might have been a tad inaccurate =P

ill just start over tonight. lol still going to keep the idea of the pilot and still going to model it rather high res then delete the unnecessary after rendermaps.. but yeah... it was a bit screwy. honestly i took a few looks ingame and just exited and went for it


lesson learned

better ref pics 4 me


















figured id post my ref pics from now on so we can all be on the same page

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I'd start with a blueprint, the official one of course, just to get the rough shape blocked out, then go to other OFFICIAL reference sources for the small details.


I wouldn't use in game shots of that tie, a tie is a tie, it's not a special TFU version, the base JA one is just inaccurate that's all.

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Replacing stuff just because you don't want base stuff is fairly asinine, if you ask me. But that's just my opinion.

I don't know man... I guess if I saw a really accurate texture or something that looked closer to the main goal than what I could come up with, then maybe aI'd use a peice of base. to me it all boils down to I need stuff to look a certain way. Easier to just do it myself than manipulate jka stuff

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I'm currently making multiple replacement models, a lot of the base models are inaccurate, the tie, at-st and lambda being some of the most.

That's a reason. Replacing it because it's inaccurate = good reason, replacing it because it's base = bad reason.

That's just my logic of course. Some of the base stuff in my opinion is alright to keep.

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I get what you're saying Eezstreet. I don't really want to overwhelm myself too much either. I will take your bit of advice and turn it into this.. I will ensure that if I in fact am going to rebuild something base, then I will have a decent reasoning that a regular reskin just couldnt fix. I have enough to do already, and I am constantly rebuilding models until we are happy with the outcome. So I will try and make this as simple as I can and make sure I am not atepping over my own toes as much as i can.


I will remake the sphere part tonight, and only the sphere. Paying attention and plotting my next move as to not have to keep rebuilding and ultimately pissing everyone off lol


Thank you for the advice guys. Does anyone have an answer to the specular map queston I posted above?

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Take my advice, and interpret it as "make an accurate TIE or don't at all".

There will be quite a bit in this mod that isnt 100% movie or TFU accurate. I will agree that some things are just basic and should be accurate as possible i.e.  the ships and characters so I will be trying to stick as closely as possible to cannon refs in that aspect. 

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A bit more work. I'll leave it here 'til the morning and see what direction to take after a few crits.








If you noticed, i've widened the wings a bit as well per request, but still tried to keep a more oblong shape than the traditional TIE just becaue i like it like that. to me thats how they look in TFU. If it's not enough speak up

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Take my advice, and interpret it as "make an accurate TIE or don't at all".


I thought I made myself clear, but thanks Eez, that's exactly what I mean. I also meant that in the HD textures project but there were too many egos involved, so I stopped looking at the thread completely since my last post.

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Chalk, don't focus so much in excessive geometry detail at first, focus more on proportions and accuracy. Once you have that right, you can start modeling some of the geometry that can't be faked with textures. For example, those wing pylons don't look right to me. They should look more robust, bigger all around, like this:




Also, the cockpit window frame is round.

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