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JKG - Looking for More Staff


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Hi, Darth Futuza from JKG team, just thought I'd repost this here:



We are looking for dedicated, talented individuals who have experience in the following fields:


- Level Design
Applicants must have spent extensive amount of time designing levels in
Valve's Hammer software, 3DS Max, UnrealEd, or Radiant (preferred). This
covers all aspects of level design, from geometry to custom texture
generation. Certain aspects specific to JKG level design will be taught.


- User Interface Construction and design
Applicants must have spent a significant amount of time designing user
interfaces in Adobe Photoshop, and have a basic understanding of how
design works. Some experience in Quake 3 engine menus or Scaleform is


- Concept Art
Applicants must have a general idea of painting, sketching, or creating
artwork which is both technically acceptable in the engine and able to
be entered into the game. Experience in programs such as Adobe Photoshop
is nice, but not required.


- Video Editing and Filming (both JKA and otherwise)
In the video editing track, this is broken up between JKA video editing
as well as documentaries and trailer sections where video assistance is
required. Applicants must have experience in editing Quake 3 videos, or,
alternatively, creating videos using CG applications. Either way,
experience using video editing programs such as Sony Vegas is preferred.
Documentary film producers must have a constant devotion towards the


- Modeling
We are not accepting any more weapons modelers (we have more weapons
than we can deal with at the moment) however skilled environment
modelers are always in demand. Specifically skills working with Rocks,
Trees, and metal objects / junk.  We are also looking for character modellers of high calibur!


Additional Info:

skills: Level design in Blender will be accepted as long as you have a
basic understanding of how BSP brushes will later be used. (mrwonko's
blender to .map patches plugin allows for the export of very efficient
map objects)


I'd also like to encourage anyone who is hesitating about
applying to apply, the worst that can happen is we'll say, "Sorry, try
again in a few months."


For more info visit: http://terrangaming.com/forums/developer-applications/jedi-knight-galaxies-is-looking-for-more-staff/2001


Application Guidelines: http://terrangaming.com/forums/developer-applications/application-guidelines/802



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Bump!  By the way we also need more programmers now, or if you can't contribute full-time as a developer you can still help out in small increments as we are now open-source.


Basic specifications that are good for our programmers to have:

-JK3/JK2/Quake3 Source Code Familarity

-Moderate Understanding of C/C++

-LUA Programmers/Scripters (I have no idea how to do this, but if you do you should totally help!)

-QT C++ Application Experience


If you've got 1, or all of those things, please apply!  We need your help to make JKGalaxies more awesome than ever!



Modeling (update)

As mentioned before we need environment modellers still; however, I failed to mention in detail we also need character modellers.  We need people who can make awesome looking humanoids (rodians, humans, twileks, zabrack, etc..)  And we will want to also begin replacing all base assets so if you've always wanted to make your own Jawa we'd love to have you do it.  You do not necessarily have to join the team to contribute, we will accept models of sufficient quality if you wish to allow us to use them in the mod.  (Keep in mind they must be completely original, as we aim to go stand-alone, that means no raven assets at all).

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More info from JKGalaxies!  We are in desperate need of a new webmaster!


We are currently looking for a dedicated webmaster with experience, know-how, epic coolness, and most importantly a love for JKG.

The webmaster seeking to apply should be expected to be able to single-handedly:

-Design a basic UI for a Website

-Know PHP

-Maintain a consistent presence on our IRC

-Familiarity with modern website creation tools eg: wordpress

-Experience with Web Security (ddos prevention, anti-script vulnerabilities , good security practices, etc...)

-Websearch Optimization

-Some skill with database creation/maintenance

-Time to work closely with the JKG team and server hosts to create an awesome online experience for players


If you feel you fit the ticket please contact us on our irc and submit an application here.  If you KNOW someone who would fit the bill, please refer them to us, we'd love to talk with them!

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To add to that, if a webmaster feels he is not capable of the CSS aspect of the design or imaging, that's not a problem as I am well experienced in this. But I can't do the backend PHP/ruby stuff.

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no DT we don't have any animators :) i guess we would need to have one to replace all the animations in some way i guess :P

i don't know what they others have plan for that but im for sure think there should be make new and better anim :)

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What detail level would you want your models to be? I assume it is higher than 1000 vertex... ? :P

It depends on what is being modeled, but for players, yeah it's definitely going to be higher than 1000 vertexes. For guns it sometimes goes above 1000 but not too often.

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It depends on what is being modeled, but for players, yeah it's definitely going to be higher than 1000 vertexes. For guns it sometimes goes above 1000 but not too often.


It's hard to measure in vertexes for me but I actually think it's more common for vert counts to go above 1000 than below it. Triangle counts on the other hand (which I can much more easily measure in) sometimes stay below 1000, but can sometimes dip into the 3000 range (in the case of big, complex weapons). Most guns are in the 1200-2000 range while movie weapons (we put a lot of effort into making them very accurate) are usually somewhere between 2000-3000 range.

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For first person weapons, 2,000-3,000k maximum sounds right but I hope that's not the same for third person weapons with JKA how it is currently. They should be 1,000-2,000k maximum with LODs.


If whatever needs to be fixed is fixed, 3,000-5,000k maximum would be decent for first person and 2,000-3,000k maximum for third person with LODs. This is below current game standards, but certainly higher than what is currently available in JA and will still give nicer visuals. ;)

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Hey everybody, just wanted to post a little reminder.  We are still looking for someone who can help out with building a website.  If you don't know php or something else in our list that's okay, we'd still be willing to give you a chance.  The important thing is that you be willing to learn what you don't already know.  Please visit our new forum to apply

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Hey everybody,


We're still hard at work, but we are looking for some more help with coding in particular.  We've recently changed most of the code JKG uses from C to C++ in an attempt to make things nicer and more objected oriented.  If any of you programmers are interested, please submit an application, we'd love to have your help as we prepare for the next release!

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