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Converting patch meshes to ASE

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Hi all, 

I am trying to convert a sofa that I've made in GTK radiant to ASE. However, the issue I'm having is even though solid brushes are converting just fine to ASE, the patch meshes are not being converted. Any help with this is appreciated, thanks.






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I don't know about the -patchmeta flag, but I can tell you that there has to be at least one brush in the map for the conversion to work.

If you don't have one, then just make a tiny brush that is textured with all caulking in the center of the map. Retry your conversion and it should work fine, despite the added brush being useless.

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You can also func_static your patchmesh geometry and set _patchMeta 1 as key / value pair on the entity instead of forcing it in the compile options - _patchSubdivide / _patchQuality are further options to check out if you're using NetRadiant Custom instead of GTK Radiant

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Yes you're correct. I had used the func_static because current q3map2 in NRC didn't respect these keys on func_group but for other func_ entities it works fine for regular BSP usage. Since I used q3map2 to convert .bsp to .ase or .obj I thought it would be there too. Seems that I used to set those on the worldspawn and not func group anything. It's just a pity since it would be nice to use multiple sets of func_groups with different values for subdivision or patchmeta. I had a fix on a custom q3map2 but never ported this stuff back to main. Maybe those keys work in GTK as well but I thought they were q3map2 specific from NetRadiant Custom.

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