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  1. Awesome, I got it to work, thank you guys!
  2. Hi all, I am trying to convert a sofa that I've made in GTK radiant to ASE. However, the issue I'm having is even though solid brushes are converting just fine to ASE, the patch meshes are not being converted. Any help with this is appreciated, thanks.
  3. That is really helpful... thanks! Edit: With the help of Nab622 and CageLight I was able to figure it out. The query has to be sent as a buffer in order to receive server response... I have made a RESTful type Node API server to get server response if anyone is interested (https://github.com/hasham-m-khan/jka-server-status)
  4. Hey guys, I'm a coding newbie trying to learn JKA code... apologies if the question seems silly but I wanted to know how can I fetch a list of all active servers and server details like how many players are in the server, etc. from outside of the game? For example, if I have a server IP... how do I get the server information from the IP? I was thinking of writing something in TypeScript but like I said I'm a complete newbie so any help is appreciated.
  5. aw Well glad to know it's not just me, tyvm NAB!!
  6. Hey all, I am hoping someone here can help me. I am unable to make inverted caps on bevels/endcaps, etc. When I make a bevel and do an endcap nothing seems to happen but when I compile I get a degenerate patch in the Q3map debug window. Does anyone know what a degenerate patch is? And how to get NetRadiant to do inverted caps? Any help us appreciated, thank you!
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