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Pykes, Droids and Mandos Oh My! (Rigging Request)

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I've commissioned a fair variety of 3D models for use in my Star Wars films and I've worked with some great modders in the community to bring them in game, but life happens and I've developed a bit of a bottleneck. I am wondering if anyone has any interest to help rig these and get them in game. Some models would be easier than others due to their proportions, of course. Each and every model here is a custom piece of work and does not exist in any other game. They are not ports, but models I funded and guided (and in some cases designed). They were created by Phazzzer on CGTrader. Some would work better as vehicles (and I have templates) and others would be better as player models. Is anyone interested?


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52 minutes ago, AshuraDX said:

I might be able to help here, not sure If I can get to doing all of them in a reasonable time but I have been looking for a JKA Spec model as an example for a 3ds max rigging Tutorial.

Absolutely any help is more than welcome! Are there any you're most interested in?

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On 10/13/2021 at 7:55 AM, AshuraDX said:

 Could use those to also make a customization and team skin Tutorial at the same time.

I like the idea a lot, spreading the wisdom and experience to help those aspiring, and it's a nice chance to get a good look at the process from start to finish!

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